A dashboard is to graphically capture our main KPIs or metrics to analyze and make decisions about our project. In online marketing a dashboard can he

A dashboard is to graphically capture our main KPIs or metrics to analyze and make decisions about our project.

In online marketing a dashboard can help us quickly see the evolution of our digital business and put new directions to our strategy.

Therefore, it is very important to do a previous exercise to know what we wanted to see in a first glance, what is most important to us and what we are most interested in knowing about the functioning of our advertising actions and how they are having an impact on the Web.

We are going to see 5 tools with which it is possible to create an online marketing dashboard.


This tool is 100% linked to Google Analytics data, we can generate a control panel that provides us with data of the KPIs related to the web.

In the help of Google Analytics, we can find here the steps that must be followed. It is the easiest tool to configure and allows us to see the most important data of how our website is working for free.


Although it is still in Beta phase it is a very useful tool, it came out in 2016 and although it still lacks some aspects it is a real alternative to large dashboard tools and has its free version.

Since its birth it has been considered a great threat to the tools that lead this market. Google is thinking about all the details and like all the search engine tools, it is planned as an easy and intuitive tool.

Currently has a good integration with Google tools; AdWords, Analytics, Sheets, YouTube, etc. And little by little, more third-party connectors for Data Studio are appearing.

While it is true that the calculation part still has a long way to go to the level of market leaders, but apparently it is still young and Google is still betting on it.

This tool is perfect to integrate if we work with Google tools, and of course also has its learning platform.


A leading tool in business intelligence, it has been working for several years to offer extended statistics to almost all the data that concerns our business, not just the online part.

The visual panels are prepared to simplify the data and can be seen perfectly from any device. It has a filtering system that allows you to have different perspectives and segments from the panel itself.

It has integrations such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Big Query or Oracle, covers large documents with Excel and Access type formats, and has its own API for data extraction.

Its powerful processing engine makes it one of the most desired by ICT departments for real-time monitoring of the business.

It has a free demo and a free version for students, but then user licenses start at $35/month. Most of the best logo design services providing brands are using this marketing tool.


StartupFlux Marketing Intelligence enables you to connect the most critical accounts like Google analytics, Alexa,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on a one single dashboard and monitor the stats that matter.

Ideal for both B2B and B2C companies, Startupflux Marketing intelligence offers tons of other features like influencer marketing, Content research, and more at a starting nominal price of $29.


This tool allows you more than 50 connectors and of course including the main Google APIs. It also links us with social networking tools and allows us to integrate with well-known CRM platforms such as Salesforce.

He has worked on the simplification of dashboards and incorporates his own workflow creation system. It also allows downloading custom panels in .pdf, PowerPoint, etc.

You can request a demo to see all its features.


It is an online platform that allows you to connect with databases, documents, Google Drive, applications such as Salesforce and social networks.

It has different templates to manage scorecards, and thanks to its graphics allows you to view them from any device.

Its prices range from $ 25 per user per month, and like the previous payment also has its demo version to see the options offered.