To Win Fantasy Games You Should Read It

Whether you are playing online cricket fantasy leagues just for fun or for earning money, you will need to follow some tips to improve your game. It w

Whether you are playing online cricket fantasy leagues just for fun or for earning money, you will need to follow some tips to improve your game. It will help you in earning more points which can later be redeemed as currency. So, you always have a chance of earning more money by following the best fantasy cricket tips.

Here are some tips that will be of great help to you: –

This form of online cricket became popular because of the Indian Premier League. So, if you want to increase your chances of earning money and win something every day, you cannot miss out playing during this league.
It is important that you start analyzing the game and make strategies instead of totally depending on your luck. This will ensure that you have better chances of earning more points and money.

Do a detailed study of the pitch before picking your fantasy team. This can easily be done by watching the pre-match show before picking your team and finding out how the ball is likely to perform in both the innings. You can choose more spinners or pacers accordingly for your team.

Also, find out the weather predictions for that day in the city where the match is being played. This will play an important role in the condition of the pitch and the ball will bounce differently in different weather conditions.
Try to pick at least one opening batsman from both the teams. Since an opener has the highest possibility of facing the maximum number of balls, there is a chance of scoring well with openers.

Do some study and try to go through the records of that field. This involves how the players perform against a particular bowler, how a player performs in that field, which player has more experience of playing in that field and more. If you are aware of all this, you will surely make the team selection in a better manner as compared to the ones who have not done a detailed study.

If the franchise of the players has not changed, you can even examine how a player plays against a particular team. That will also be of great help to you in choosing the strongest players for your squad.
Choose the strongest players in your fantasy team as the captain and vice-captain. They might not be the same as the ones in the real matches. Their scores are multiplied and you will earn more money if those players perform well in that game.

During fantasy cricket, try to focus on all-rounders and powerful hitting players more. They instantly become the stars of the game and even win more player of the match awards as compared to other players. They will surely be helpful in increasing your income.

Plan your schedule so that you do not miss any game. Keep your calendars ready and make strategies in advance so that you do not waste too much of your time right before the match.