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Tips to choose a good PG.

More and more ladies are moving their base in the metropolitan cities due to better jobs and sophisticated educational opportunities. But the greates

More and more ladies are moving their base in the metropolitan cities due to better jobs and sophisticated educational opportunities. But the greatest issue these girls face is dealing with the issue of accommodation. As you are not familiar with the city, things may get worse in your situation. With smartphones and internet within reach of all, these days the search for housing has become much simpler. Simply search pg for ladies near me and you get ample choices to lodge in. Girls, staying in a paid guest (PG) is one of the best things you can look at in your early days and there are plenty of reasons why PG might sound much better than living in a rental house. You can use some easy tips when selecting a paying customer (PG)

1. Take out your Monthly Budget

Affordability is one of the greatest problems you need to find out when you arrive in a new town. You’re new, you’re a stranger and unfamiliar with the location, so it’s time to save as much as you can on housing at least. You should check your monthly budget in the start and spend accordingly. Look for easy-fitting, pocket friendly PGs. Search online, call the proprietor, then plan on visiting the site. The more you investigate, the more likely you will be to get a deal that matches your demands.

2. Safety and Security

Safety is another issue that should be taken on a priority basis when selecting a paying guest (PG). Either you are a college girl or a working woman, criminal spares no one.Therefore, as crime rates in the nation are always high, particularly in urban towns, safety and security should be taken with utmost care. Choose a location with the lowest recorded crime rate.

3.Details of the Area

It is essential to visit the place before you finalize a deal to get the real place and PG insight. If you’re about to finalize the agreement, we recommend that you visit it at separate times of the day. It will offer you an insight into the place, inhabitants, and security. Ask the local residents about the safety and the owner if possible. You can also visit the neighboring market and check its proximity from your PG’s.

4.Guest Policy

Choosing a paying guest (PG) accommodation relies heavily on the type of guest policy that the PG owner offers. We all have friends and family members staying in the same city. Occasions will come when your parents come to see you. If that is not the case, you’re sure to have friends at college or office. So, ask the PG owner whether or not they are entertaining such a visit. Some PGs allow visitors to stay overnight but restrict the amount of visits while others do not offer such conveniences. Some PGs also make money on such stays by taking extra rent, which is why you should ask for the same.

5.Food Facilities

There are numerous PGin Gurgaon with food facility, so you need not worry about cooking or eating from resturantseveryday. Some PGs do not give non-vegetarian food, so if you require a PG offering both veg and non-veg, make sure it is served at your preferred time.Furthermore, some owners allow their tenants to use the kitchen to cook their desired food. If so, it’s a better alternative.


Ultimately, all we can say is a difficult job to choose a paying guest (PG) accommodation, but then it is essential. Search according to your priorities to get a clear image of what you want and where to go to accomplish it. Follow these tips to simplify stuff while searching for a PG accommodation.