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Bounce House: What do you need to do while renting one for your kid’s birthday party or some other event?

What makes bounce houses widely accessible in the country is their affordable pricing and ability to accentuate the fun-filled mood of your kids and o

What makes bounce houses widely accessible in the country is their affordable pricing and ability to accentuate the fun-filled mood of your kids and others around through different themes, safe set-ups, etc. But, when you go to rent it from a company, you will have to keep certain things in mind to avoid any last-minute hassle or unwanted surprises. Some of them have been discussed below.

Tips for hiring a bounce house

The factors influencing the pricing

Duration of use and the size of the setup are the two critical contributors in the price estimation. Although the charges may vary from company to company, typically it costs $100 for small bounce houses for 6 hours use, and about $500 or higher for a more extensive setup. Usually, you can get a standard size for about $100 to $250 for a day. But, these are general estimates. For real estimation, you need to get in touch with rental companies to take their quotations.

Seek permission from the concerned authorities for inflatables

A public park or any other city spot where you intend to install it may require prior approval from the relevant authorities. So, before hiring one, check it with the local park services or your city website first to avoid any sudden change in the plan. Some inflatables can be used indoors also, such as gym, auditorium, or large halls. For that, space has to be significantly large with high ceilings.

Decide on the terrain where it will be established

Apart from a spacious ground, you also need to choose a particular type of terrain for its installation. Generally, companies don’t supply their services if the surface where it has to be set up has pebbles, sand, or rocks because of the risk of damage to their bounce house. Grass or a patch of concrete or asphalt surface works best. Anyway, as soon as you have found the right place for it, make sure to clean it off the pet poop and other wastes.

Ask for generator

Bounce house needs a constant supply of power to remain in their best shape. For that, having a generator or a power outlet is necessary. If you don’t think you can arrange for access to a power outlet, then it’s better to talk to your rental company about this in advance so they can provide you with one. If they agree, inquire them about its price, whether it will cost extra money.

While having a bounce house in a kid’s party is fun, it’s critical to take safety measures from the beginning to avoid any accidents. For example, if you choose backyard as the setting, then it’s essential that the rental company uses the right amount of sandbags and stakes to hold the bounce house in its position. Also, kids should not be left alone in the bounce house. Parents should accompany them to ensure kids stay away from the power lines and blower. These may appear to be minor things but when left unattended can cause severe injuries to your kids. So right from hiring the company till the party gets over, you have to practice a little bit of caution, and then there will be no end to the fun time. For rental help, you can contact Mybhr my bounce house rentals.