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Tips to Design Creative Corporate and Brand Identity

People use logos and brand interchangeably, yet the two are very different from one another. A logo operates as the brand's face, whereas the brand c

People use logos and brand interchangeably, yet the two are very different from one another. A logo operates as the brand’s face, whereas the brand consists of logos, colors, fonts, and all the elements required to construct the brand. Logo designing is merely a process of creating your brand identity. Millions of businesses worldwide are competing with one another to become dominant in their respective industry which makes an effort to stand out among them very difficult.

Typically, the client usually avails an affordable graphic design company services to create their brand identity. If you hope to create an effective brand identity for your client base on your own, you need to adopt specific guidelines to make it.

Research Your Audience

Your brand identity needs to be directed to your target audience, who will be drawn in by the product you are offering. It will depend on you what type of demographic you choose that will be receptive to your product. You cannot provide a product made for pre-teens to an older base like college students. You need to examine and investigate with due diligence of how and which target demographic will entertain your product and services before presenting them with your brand identity.

Value Proposition & Competition

You need to introspect what makes you distinct from your competition and their weaknesses to turn into your strength. If you have gathered knowledge on what differentiates you from your rivals, you will have a clear picture of how you want your brand identity to be formed. Keeping a close watch on your competitors will give you insight into what is selling in the markets and how you can gain leverage over your business counterparts.


You need to make a clear and concise mission statement that elaborates on your goals and visions. Basically, you need to understand the purpose of your business to create a brand identity.


While your brand identity is more geared towards a collective base, it does not mean that you cannot personalize it through a brand image. Use the colors and imagery that complement one another and mesh well. With all the tools available at your disposal, you can give your visual representation the right voice tone.


As Paul Rand stated

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Your first brand identity design will begin with your logo. While the logo does not encompass the entirety of the branding process, it’s still the most essential part of the process, which will garner you the recognition that your business needs. The logo functions as the symbol of your brand as it is showcased on every part of your brand identity, from your website to your online ads to your business cards. The future of your brand and your business will be determined by whether or not your logo is a success among your target audience.If you want to try your hand at creating your own logo, there are various tools and logo makers online. You could also use a service comparison website like Truely to decide on what would be the best one for you. Sites like Truely compare software by collecting reviews and using AI to figure out what the best one. 


While your logo design is imperative for your brand identity, it is not the only process you need to focus on. The manner in which you present your services in the form of packaging or products is also an essential part of brand identity. Visual consistency will create recognition for your brand, which allows customers to quickly familiarize themselves with your business. McDonald’s iconic “M” serves as the perfect example of an exciting form as this has enhanced the food company’s brand awareness and popularity.


If you want to enhance your brand identity across different demographics, you need to pay extra attention to the color palettes you implement on your designs. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from, which is not a challenging endeavor to take on. Note that you can only use two or three hues and not more than that; otherwise, your brand will end up looking messy and confuse the viewer. The trick is to decide which color evokes your brand identity’s spirit, and you can make your decision.


The typeface is the most sensitive area of the brand identity. While it is preferable for many designers to pick out a handful of fonts to deliver their branding, it is still a fool’s errand. You must only choose one or two fonts and not more than that. Your fonts will depict the message and information you want to convey to your viewers, and they will be baffled by the usage of different fonts. You can take a look at Nike and other brands that have adopted the limited typography approach and learn from their triumphant wins.


Yes, Consistency in your brand identity is vital, but you also have to be flexible in a field that is continually undergoing evolutionary stages. You will have to readjust your taglines, ad campaigns, and even your entire brand identity if the situation calls for it. The best way to go about it is by adding minimal modifications to your brand related to your business and ensuring that your audience retention is constant.

Creating a compelling and memorable brand identity requires consistency in its fonts, colors, imagery, and language, but it’s worth all of it. You just need to track your brand identity’s performance by using Google Analytics, feedback, or surveys to introspect what changes you can apply to improve your product. You can also utilize these platforms to identify your brand’s errors or mistakes and remove them or any other irrelevant content. The moment consumers see your logo, all the facets of your brand identity will fall into place for them.

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