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Tips to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Living Room

From suburban mansions to studio apartments, townhouses to country homes, living rooms everywhere prominently everywhere feature the must-have furnitu

From suburban mansions to studio apartments, townhouses to country homes, living rooms everywhere prominently everywhere feature the must-have furniture of the century-the coffee table. Its popularity along with the expansion of online shopping has flooded the coffee table market. This makes the hunt for the perfect fit simultaneously easier and harder than ever.

The ultimate accent pieces, the coffee tables can define the look of your home or commercial space, so, they need to be perfect and overall blend in aesthetically.

Here are few of the things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Attributes of coffee tables

When it comes to characteristics, there are two main factors to consider, aesthetics and functionality. Often located in the centre of the room, coffee tables can alter how you view the interior as a whole. Used well, it will complement the other furniture and enhance the surroundings. However, it is equally essential your design stand up to the demands of its intended use and therefore what you need it for should guide your choice. Will it be for decorative value, used to display items like photo frames and ornaments? Is it required to store things like magazines and TV remotes? Or it will play a more central role in entertaining the guests, gathered around with friends and food to hold an array of drinks and nibbles?


For a harmonious and visually pleasing appearance, the coffee table you buy should be roughly equal in height to your sofa cushions or armrests. As there are a wide variety of seat heights available on the market and thus tables also range from 35cm to 50cm, ensuring there is something for everyone. While lower designs can be tastefully subtle, complimenting the room without stealing the limelight. However, you don’t want it to be too small and difficult to reach when sitting on the sofa. Whether placed on the side of a room or parallel to your sofa or television, it’s important your chosen coffee table is stylish without providing a distraction.

Length and Width

When it comes to buying a coffee table, no one size fits all. The length and width of your coffee table should correspond to the overall size of the room you want to place it in. My advice would be to measure your interiors to ensure that your purchase is a comfortable fit. Also, remember that less is more, don’t feel the need to overcrowd or clutter a room. Aim to buy a coffee table with a length that is approximately in between half and two-thirds the length of your sofa length and keep a minimum of 2ft around it for ample space to move. A quick and easy way to visualise how much space it will take up is to plot it out with a newspaper on the floor first.

The shape of the Coffee Table

For a complementary and harmonious aesthetic, the shape of the coffee table should be consistent with to the style and shape of the room as a whole. Coffee tables are available in various shapes to choose from, rectangular or square designs match well with the traditional decor and conventional angular furniture. When looking to furnish a modern room, round tables from Family Love Tree with clean lines and curved edges will reinforce a cool contemporary appearance. This exudes a softer and more welcoming aesthetic, as well as the round surface, is smooth and a safer choice for homes with children. Circular designs are versatile and popular in retro settings infusing their surroundings with a cool nostalgic flair.

Table Top Finishes

From smooth glass to funky ABS plastic to various wooden grains, different materials convey different looks. It would help if you chose a table top that complements with the style of your existing interiors, balancing the rest of your furniture or the wicker furniture. Glass models make a great space saving option and can match any colour scheme. ABS plastic is incredibly popular due to its abundance of vibrant colour options and innovative shapes. Full of character wood is much sought after due to its timeless rustic look.

These are few of the things you need to keep in mind when buying a coffee table for your living room and lastly it is worth thinking about any extras you want your coffee table to deliver such as storage.