Sleeping Positions For A Good Sleep

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting enough sleep? Well, studies say that your sleeping positions could be a major reason for lack of sleep.

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting enough sleep? Well, studies say that your sleeping positions could be a major reason for lack of sleep. It is no surprise that people do not give importance to their sleeping positions but there are various positives about finding the right sleeping position and practicing it. Wakefit mentions that the first step towards getting good sleep is to find a good mattress which can support your body alignment. Listed below are some sleeping positions which can contribute good sleep.

Back Sleeping

Sleeping on your back is considered healthy although very few people choose this sleeping position. Back sleeping can improve the spine posture and will give relief from neck pain. It is essential that you give proper support to your head using the right pillow. Back sleeping is considered as the right sleeping position as it allows the body, the spine, and the neck to rest in its natural state. The negative about back sleeping is that if you have sleep apnea, it can get worst and there are chances that your tongue will block the breathing tubes which could be dangerous and increases snoring.

Side Sleeping

Majority of the people enjoys sleeping on their sides. Side sleeping position can reduce acid reflux and provides better brain health because your body and legs will be straight even if you are sleeping on your side. Snoring will be much low when you sleep on your side as the airways will not be blocked. Side sleeping enhances the blood flow to the entire body. Doctors encourage people to sleep on the side for health benefits. Studies suggest that left side sleeping is the healthiest compared to right side sleep. If you sleep in this position for a long time there is a probability of injuring your shoulder in the due course.

Fetal Position

Considered as another variant of side sleeping, fetal position is where you sleep with your legs all curled up to the upper body. Surprisingly, 41% of adult prefer this sleeping position. This kind of sleeping position is recommended for a pregnant woman. This sleeping position has almost the same positives of side sleeping, however, when you curl up you are going against the body’s natural position which can result in back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and stomach pain next morning. So to prevent these aches you will have to start practicing to keep the body straight or by keeping a pillow in between your legs to reduce the strain on your hips.

On Your Stomach

Very few people opt for this sleeping position as the only good here will be less snoring. Apart from this, there are only negatives about this sleeping position. The spine is the most affected part due to this sleeping position. Stiffness, numbness, irritated nerves, and joint pains are also the outcome of stomach sleeping. If you are an ardent stomach sleeper, then you can make the sleep comfortable by using a thin pillow or no pillow at all. Stretching exercises after waking up can reduce the pain up to an extent.

Sleep plays an important role and the most important that your body needs. Adopting a new sleeping position could be difficult but not impossible. People usually look for comfort in sleeping rather than looking for health benefits. You can experiment on each of the above-said positions every day and find which one is the easiest one for you in the healthier front.  Even if people start new sleeping positions, they tend to wake up in the same position which they are used to. With regular practice, you will be able to adopt the right sleeping position which can enhance your sleep and overall health.