The 6 Most Useful Tips for Branding Your Vans

Vans are the most recommended type of vehicle for caterers, party planners, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and landscapers, cable TV and Internet

Vans are the most recommended type of vehicle for caterers, party planners, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and landscapers, cable TV and Internet service providers. This type of automobile is spacious enough to transport several people and the equipment and tools they need to do their job.

This benefit is also the primary reason why vans are the top choice of companies providing medical transport and delivery services. Many tour operators have this vehicle in their fleet, as well, which they use for chauffeuring large groups of tourists or clients that want spacious legroom and comfy seats.

There is another benefit to investing in a fleet of vans that many businesses do not know about and are not taking advantage of: these vehicles can be effective mobile marketing tools.

Due to its size, a van can be an excellent canvas for a layout or design that promotes your business. Whether the vehicle is parked or moving, people won’t fail to notice your message, logo, and the other information on it.

Since your van can travel anywhere, your message will be seen by more people, as well. The more branded campers and routes you have, the wider your audience reach will be. This is one of the best benefits your business can experience when you invest in good-quality fleet vehicle branding.

With more people knowing about and recognizing your brand, you can expect an increase in leads and, eventually, your sales and customer base.

How to Get the Most From Your Branded Vans

To have the most useful and effective mobile marketing platforms, you need to get your fleet vehicle branding right. Below are six tips that will help you have standout and effective branded vans:

  1. Identify your advertising and branding goals

Coming up with the design for the van wrap is the most crucial part of vehicle branding. It should be eye-catching and, at the same time, give the viewers the important information they need to know about your business.

You can zero in on the perfect design for your van wraps by determining your marketing goals first. Do you need more people in the local area to know your business or do you want to reach out to possible customers in nearby cities? Do you want to introduce a new product or service you are offering?

After listing down the advertising goals you want to achieve with your wrapped vehicles, identify your branding objectives. Do you want more people to see your company as a professional service provider? Or do you wish to let them know that you are highly flexible and willing to go far to satisfy your customers?

Once you have determined the goals from both standpoints, you will come up with a design concept and message that fully represents your brand and will be an effective promotional material.

2. Hire a professional vehicle wrap designer

Having a good idea of what you want your design to look like and the message you want to highlight is an excellent start. Creating the actual layout for the wrap, however, is a different task altogether, and is often the most challenging part.

Your immediate thought may be to use a graphic design online tool or app to come up with the layout. Although there is nothing wrong with trying the DIY route first, if you want your wrapped van to draw attention and look professional and impressive, you have to hire a professional designer.

No matter how complicated or simple the concept and message you have in mind, seasoned vehicle wrap designers can bring them to life. They rely on their knowledge and years of experience to know the right colors use, scale, and patterns to use.

If you don’t have a design in mind yet, by communicating your goals to the designing team, they will come up with a layout that will meet your requirements, no matter how long it takes them.

3. Highlight your unique selling proposition (USP)

Since branded vehicles have been around for a long time and have been proven to be successful advertising tools, it is highly likely that many of your competitors are using it. If you want your design to stand out, include your USP in the message.

Whether you have a new service or product or currently running a promo or any special deal, add it to your layout. By offering something that your customers can’t, you will get customers right away.

Add an air of urgency to your USP, as well, so that more people will get in touch with you as soon as they see one of your wrapped vans.

4. Make sure the design meets your brand guidelines

Although you want your wrapped vans to stand out, the final design should still follow your company’s official brand style guide.

This means that the design should use the same font, colors, and tone of voice specified in the guideline. If you use different ones, you end up sending mixed messages to both your potential and current customers.

If you want to try using another typeface or hue, choose one from the same font family or color group. Your designer can help you with your selection so that you can still have a design that falls within your official branding guidelines.

In case you don’t have an official brand style guide yet, now would be the perfect time to create one.

5. Remember the most vital elements of a van wrap design

Once you have a few designs to look over, make sure you choose the one that meets the standard requirements.

These include:

  • Noticeable logos
  • Easy to read font
  • Large-sized letters
  • Good combination of colors

Additionally, think about how the design will look once it is placed on the van. Certain humps or curves in the vehicle’s body can distort the wrap placed on it. Work with your designer to ensure the layout will work with the shape of your campers.

6. Work within your budget

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank to have a fleet of branded vans.

Customized vehicle branding can range from some simple lettering and logo placement on the sides of your van to wraps with custom textured laminate. Set a budget for this marketing strategy and choose a design that will work with it.

Keep in mind that vehicle branding can be done effectively on a budget, especially if you work with an experienced design team.

You will get more from your investment in your fleet of vans by branding them effectively. You will achieve this goal easily when you follow the tips shared above.