What do you need to know About Tenants’ Contents Insurance?

Being a tenant and staying in a rented house, you must know that your personal belongings are not covered under the insurance policy of your landlords

Being a tenant and staying in a rented house, you must know that your personal belongings are not covered under the insurance policy of your landlords. To safeguard your belongings, you need tenants contents insurance policy that will protect them from jeopardy.

What does the Tenants’ Contents Insurance Policy Covers?

It is kind of cover policy that helps you in case of thefts, floods and fires. To keep your personal things safe and secure, you must get tenants’ contents insurance. This policy is basically for the tenants and not for the landlords at all.

There is no legal requirement for the tenants to have it. If they have it, only they are the ones who will be benefitted and nobody else. It is worth considering that the tenants will have ample of benefits if they have contents’ insurance. Even many landlords request their tenants to get their contents’ insurance done.

Below is the list of the things that are covered under your tenants’ contents insurance:

  • Clothes and jewellery
  • Gadgets, appliances and other electronics products
  • Books, CDs & DVDs
  • Your own furniture and soft furnishings like curtains, towels etc.
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Antiques and family heirlooms
  • Bicycle

Seeing the list, you will be amazed that there are so many things that you never thought of insuring. You can think of all those things under cover that you will take with you when you move out of a house. You know that there is a lot of stuff that gets easily stolen, damaged or lost that can also be covered under the tenants’ contents insurance. Many websites also provide contents calculator tool to let you evaluate the overall worth of your belongings.

Is the Building also included under the tenants’ contents insurance?

No, the building is not covered under your tenants’ contents insurance. The building and the fixtures are the responsibility of the landlord. These things will be covered under his insurance policy. Your insurance policy will only cover your personal belongings that are in your rented property.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the damp coming through the walls that are caused by the winter storms. If the kitchen pipe bursts d ruins the floor, you must contact your landlords instead of doing it yourself. If you have obtained a furnished space, it is the responsibility of your landlords to insure their content. You will not be responsible for any type of jeopardy.

Students and House Shares

Students generally live with their friends in rented apartments. Living together with many people means that you will have more things to insure. When there are many people, there is a possibility that someone may leave the front door open and a tablet or laptop going missing unknowingly. This is the reason why you must consider insuring your personal belongings.

It is also possible to cover everyone’s content under a single joint insurance policy but a little hassling. You also have to make sure that others pay their fair share and have to get the policy amended whenever someone leaves or joins. This can be really bothersome for you.

You can search for some kind of students’ insurance policy that will have some reliefs for you and help you in insuring some specific items like textbooks and laptops.

Extra Cover for Tenants

Your tenants’ contents insurance policy covers your personal belongings in case of fire, flood, and theft. But what if you drop your smartphone in a toilet? There are some policies that also cover accidental damages usually at an additional cost. This addition helps you when you break your furniture or phone accidently.

You can search for some kind of tenants’ liability cover to protect your belongings from accidental damage.

There is no doubt in saying that the tenants’ contents insurance policies have got to offer a lot of benefits to the tenants. You must consider getting your things insured if you live in a rented property to make sure that you don’t have to face any big losses when a disaster or mishappening takes place.

When you are searching for an insurance policy for your contents, consider searching for options to find out what all of them have got to offer and then decide what will suit your requirement the most.