Steps to follow when importing used cars from abroad

When one has decided to import used cars from abroad, he/she must prepare specific documents that are essential for the shipment of the car. However,

When one has decided to import used cars from abroad, he/she must prepare specific documents that are essential for the shipment of the car. However, the physical processes involved in the shipment at the port, is quite simple. One may require submitting a lot amount of documents during the shipment process. There are even many companies that help in producing these documents in order to complete the business. But the shipments of the cars need a lot of things to be kept in mind or need to be done.

Vehicle eligibility confirmation

Every country has its own shipment laws in both the import and export matters that need to be followed accordingly for completing the processes. The major rules included are the requirement of a title of the importer or exporter, a proper certificate as evidence of the ownership of the car and even a statement on the manufacturer’s origin. In case the vehicles have outstanding liens, proper permission is required so as to import or export that car.

Arrangement of delivery

Proper arrangement has to be made for the delivery after shipping. The cost of the delivery is much high if not taken help from various delivery specialists who provide their services at cheaper rates. 

Required documentation

In most of the cases, proper documents are needed to be sent to the shipping companies by the person, importing the car. In the rest cases one needs to fax or send the documents directly to the customs department and the border protection department, while shipping the vehicle. Sometimes various conditions are given by the companies and mention a particular time period within which the car is going to be delivered.

Whether the vehicle is driven on its own by the driver or is shipped on boats or rail or by road ways, the proper details must be provided to the customs of the particular country.

Lifting the vehicle at the port

Another major thing to be kept in mind during the shipment processes is the lifting up of the vehicles at the port. After the vehicle has been shipped it has to be checked that the person going to pick up the vehicle is a certified driver or not. If it’s not so, then some other formalities are also needed to be completed in order to avoid any kind of complications.

Transfer of the title

The most important thing in these import/export processes is the transfer of owner title over the vehicle. After the vehicle has been delivered and placed legally at a new location, the title can’t be transferred after that. This particular process needs to be done during the shipment process. Many other formalities are also involved including some additional examinations or may be the speedometer gets sealed. These are required so as to pass the whole process through some jurisdictions.

Hence, importing a car from abroad is an easy task but needs a lot of facts to be kept in consideration. The import of the used cars from other countries not only provide the customers better automobiles but also since these are second hand, they cost much less.