Stephen Varanko III – An Insight into Navy Seal Training in the USA

The term "Navy Seals" invoke patriotism, respect, and pride- these people are some of the most hardened soldiers in the world today. They can deal wi

The term “Navy Seals” invoke patriotism, respect, and pride- these people are some of the most hardened soldiers in the world today. They can deal with any adverse situation and circumstance. They always emerge victorious when it comes to tackling them  proactively,  with strength, and courage. Most aspirants who want to become a Navy Seal, ask themselves one question- what does it take to become a Navy Seal?

Stephen Varanko III – An insight into Navy Seal training and the qualities one should have?

Stephen Varanko III is enlisted in the US Navy and has held several leadership positions in high school. He is from Baldwin, Maryland and says that when it comes to becoming a Navy Seal, having mere intentions to become one are not enough. One has to be mentally and physically very tough to go through the training phase and complete it with flying colors. Today, they are the soldiers that are fighting terrorism and face challenging obstacles across the globe. One should note that the training is not only sturdy but mentally grueling as well. Moreover, most of the encounters they face are always without notice, and so there is no time for preparation!

Makings of an elite soldier who is tough to take on any adverse challenge

 A Navy Seal is an elite solider called to perform special operations.  When a person is selected for a Navy Seal, they spend almost 18 to 24 months in training.  The fact that most people do not know that almost 70% of the people selected for Navy Seal training cannot complete Phase One!

Passing through “Hell Week”

There is a phase known as “Hell Week” in the Navy Seal training course. This is the 4th week of Phase One. This week contains 5 and a half days or 132 hours of training. Here, the candidate is exposed to rigorous mental and physical training that have been specially designed to test their faculties. They are almost in continuous motion and often are kept in extreme cold conditions and are wet from head to toe. Towards the end of the week, these candidates are only permitted sleep for 3 to 4 hours.

Is participation in Hell Week mandatory?

Participation in Hell Week for Navy Seal training is completely a voluntary choice. The candidates can quit if they wish to. Opting out of Hell Week means they terminate their dreams of becoming a Navy Seal. There is a shiny bell made of brass which they may ring if they wish to quit. This bell tempts them at every step of the Hell Week enticing them to give up and quit their dreams of becoming an elite soldier in the Navy Seals.

In the opinion of Stephen Varanko III, if one is able to sustain Hell Week, the candidate has all the qualities of an elite soldier and deserves a place in the Navy Seals. Navy Seals are not only a tough and elite soldier, but they make the world a safer and better place to live in too!