David Serna Lawyer Talks about the Need for Having Criminal Defense Lawyers for Drug Crimes

Drugs basically are controlled substances that can be regulated by the local, state or the federal government.  Creating, controlling or distrib

Drugs basically are controlled substances that can be regulated by the local, state or the federal government.  Creating, controlling or distributing drugs is considered to be illegal, depending on its type, the defendant’s intentions, as well as the amount of contraband. David Serna Lawyer mentions that there are three major types of drug crimes manufacturing/creation, possession/control, and distribution/trafficking. David C. Serna has been practicing criminal defense law in Albuquerque, New Mexico for several years. He has defended drug cases in more than ten different states, hence is well-aware of the importance of having good lawyers for such cases.

Criminal defense lawyers have the capability and competency to defend their clients from the charges of drug crimes. They typically use defenses like unwitting possession, illegal search and seizure, police abuse of power and medical marijuana to help their clients to win the case. The common instances of abuse of power caused by the police include planting evidence, unauthorized surveillance, as well as usage of pressure tactics on distinguished suspects or witnesses. Experienced attorneys like David Serna Lawyer are able to protect the rights of their clients from being abused, while also defending them in the best possible fashion. These professionals are often able to identify arguments or factors that can mitigate any potential of prime, and turn the case in the favor of their clients. Here are a few ways criminal defense lawyers can help their discerning clients: 

•    They work with the defendant and the prosecutor in order to negotiate a “plea bargain.” A plea bargain can reduce the potential sentence of the defendant, or even eliminate some of the charges that have been bought against them.  Prosecutors are more likely to negotiate with professional criminal defense attorneys, rather than the defendants that represent themselves.

•    Even if the defendant is ultimately found to be guilty, their criminal defense attorney might be able to find a good sentencing program for their situation and ensure that they do not wind back up in the criminal justice system future. For example, in case a person is sentenced to prison for eight months for drug possession,  their criminal defense lawyer can suggest a prison sentence of four months, with another four months in a drug treatment facility that can help them to cope up with their drug problem.

•    Criminal law is an incredibly complex body of legislation. There are several rules relating to criminal prosecutions that are buried under mountains of regulations and laws. David Serna Lawyer and other such renowned criminal defense attorneys help their clients to identify prudent regulations and laws pertaining to their case, about which they might not have any prior knowledge. For example, due to the diverse nuances involved in the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, people may not know if the police search conducted on their house was lawful or not.

Criminal defense lawyers are especially needed for the cases of drug crimes, and many people tend to be unlawfully arrested due to them.