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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is the perfect time to 'spring' back to action and start cleaning your house. It is a good time to clean the outdoors and indoors, which you ha

Spring is the perfect time to ‘spring’ back to action and start cleaning your house. It is a good time to clean the outdoors and indoors, which you have potentially neglected during the winter months. As the snow storms have passed, you can now check for damage and make any necessary repairs. This is the perfect weather to prepare your lawn for the coming summer.

Spring cleaning is a good idea, and this is the perfect opportunity to be thorough with your home maintenance. So here are some of the things which you should include in your spring home maintenance checklist. 

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Exterior Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Continue on to learn what you need to do to take care of your home in the spring:

1. Check the roof for leaks

Even though it might not have snowed heavily in your region, spring is the perfect time to check for leaks, cracks, or missing shingles. You must also check for stains or algae growth which might harm the cosmetic and damage the shingles.

2. Clean the gutters

After winter has passed, you must clean your gutters and downspouts and repair the necessary areas. Blocked drains can damage wooden structures, causing them to rot. If the gutters and downspouts are clean, the water can flow easily, and there won’t be any water collection near the foundation.

3. Inspection of doors and windows

It is necessary to inspect, fix or replace the screens on windows and repair doors to keep insects from entering your house. This is a good time to clean your windows and clear the tracks using a vacuum and a brush. You must also cut tall grasses or remove stagnant water near your windows.

4. AC outdoor unit maintenance

You should appoint a professional to look into the AC unit and check for defects. A professional can clean and replace filters and remove debris and dust from the ducts and vents. Cleaning your AC unit is useful as you can lower your energy consumption by 12%, and your living space will cool faster.

5. Inspect for termites

The beginning of summer is the breeding period for these insects. So if you notice a huge number of winged insects flying out of a hole from wood, these are most likely termites, and you must get rid of them as soon as possible.

You can always call a professional pest control company to help you with this. This should be on top of your spring home maintenance checklist.

6. Inspect the concrete

Freezing temperatures and thawing can be pretty harsh on your driveways and pathways. Therefore you should carefully go through your property to look for road damage and make necessary repairs. You can easily repair asphalt. However, concrete has to be replaced completely.

7. Test the sprinkler system

The water pipes leading to the sprinklers can be clogged during winter. Therefore, you must give your sprinklers a test run. While they are working, check for leaks and malfunctioning. Ensure that the sprinklers are spraying water over your lawn and not on the sidewalk or your house.

8. Repaint the exterior walls

This is the perfect time to give a fresh layer of coating to your home’s exterior. If you need help with the colour, the best way is to surf the internet, or you can always contact a professional.

9. Repair any woodwork

Wooden gates, fences, and other wooden structures are quite vulnerable and can quickly rot. So if you have any wooden framework, you must immediately look for damages and repair them. You can easily glue broken pieces back. However, all the planks that have already broken or rotten should be replaced immediately. Get a quote from a reliable fence company to ensure professional fence replacement.

To offer an extra layer of protection, you can use a powder washer or wood oils and preserves. Most professionals recommend using decking oil for fence treatment as they make the wood simply waterproof and thereby prolong its lifespan.

Interior spring home maintenance checklist

1. Perform a thorough house safety check

Most people do not pay much attention to their house’s safety and emergency features. So during this home maintenance session, you need to perform routine checks. Remember to swap the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure that the fire extinguishers have not expired. Also, remember to check your chimneys and exhaust fans.

2. Open the windows

Now, as the temperature is quite pleasant, you can open your windows and allow the fresh air to come inside. Once the windows are open, this is a perfect chance to clean the interior window sills.

3. Basement

The basement is always prone to dampness and rodents, so it should be on the home spring maintenance checklist. During the inspection, if you notice humidity and dampness, there is insufficient ventilation, and you need to buy a dehumidifier.

While checking the basement, if you even find any signs of tunnelling on the wood, you must immediately call a pest control company.

4. Attic

While going through the attic, look for signs of insects and rodents that might have colonized in the winter season. You also need to search for mold in the form of grey or black, or green patches.

5. Clean the furnace

After working overtime during winter, your furnace could use some cleaning and maintenance. But you can always hire a professional, or you can clean the motors, the blower, and the filter system yourself.

6. You can try a few upgrades

This spring is an excellent time to replace your home’s electrical appliances, lights, and other systems. You can replace it with more energy-saving options. Here is the list of things you may consider

  • Insulation – You can add insulation materials to your basement to keep your house cool in summer and retain warmth during the winter months.
  • Energy-efficient appliances – You can always buy energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to lower your energy bills.
  • Programmable thermostat – This device can save you approximately 10% to 15% on energy costs per year as it automatically adapts to the heating and cooling system.


These are some of the things which you must enlist in your spring home maintenance checklist for 2022 and beyond. 

You must properly scan the exterior and interior of your house and ensure you are ready for the upcoming months.