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Anthony Constantinou Describes the Way to Make Social Media marketing more effective

Social media marketing more popularly known by its acronym SMM is one of the latest methods of online marketing. With a proliferation in the number o

Social media marketing more popularly known by its acronym SMM is one of the latest methods of online marketing. With a proliferation in the number of social media sites, users are given multiple options of for networking and communication. As the number of online subscribers to these sites is growing exponentially there is a vast potential to tap into an ever increasing base of prospective clients. However despite its reach advertisers have to really sweat it out to make their campaigns effective. It means working as hard for online ads as conventional advertisements. Anthony Constantinou recommends few measures that could make SMM more effective for any online business:   

Be Honest: Nowadays consumers are becoming smarter by the day and cannot be fooled into believing anything that is claimed in an advertisement. No tall claims that do not live up to expectations should be made and the message conveyed to the customer needs to be honest and genuine. When you are trying to promote products and services there is no need to gloss over things. Honesty does pay dividends in the long term and your business will be appreciated for its ethical and professional approach. With the coming of social media any false claims on them spreads like wildfire and can be potentially damaging for any business’ profitability as well as reputation in the long run. 

Creativity: The online world is saturated with advertisements of very kind and the competition is only increasing on a daily basis. When you plan an online ad campaign you need to think out of the box and be creative to stand apart from the crowd. Analyze ads that have been a hit with online audiences and try to figure out what made them click and go viral. The same strategy could be applied with a different campaign of course.

Build a rapport: Perhaps the greatest feature of social media is the connectivity it offers with individuals all over the globe. For a consumer having the ability to interact with a company or advertiser gives them a high and feel as part of the product. They like to share their views and provide feedback and it is this data which can be used effectively to design and implement an online marketing campaign. If there are any complaints provide a speedy resolution and you will see the difference it will make in building a strong bond with them.

Analyze trends: In a fickle world where likes and dislikes are constantly changing you need to be watchful of trends. What is in vogue today will be passé tomorrow or the next week or month. Those advertisers who keep up to date with current trends and fads are more likely to strike a chord with consumers. Of course never attempt to plagiarize any ad that goes viral. Just conduct a thorough analysis of it and present it in a new and innovative manner.

Customers: You need to understand what makes you niche audience tick. What is it they seek for in any product that you have on offer? What are the features that they really appreciate and changes (if any) they would like in it?   Through the tools of social media a company can get valuable insight into customer tastes and likes as well as dislikes.

Offers: Don’t we love freebies or discount offers? This is what can be offered to customers who patronize the company in the form of limited offers promos or discounts for a specific period. When a consumer is given such offers they know that the same will probably be done later also and it builds brand visibility as well as customer loyalty.  

Why it’s Important to Avoid Bogus Promotion Companies?

Everyone knows the potential of SEO services to generate high rankings and improve online traffic for any website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a specialized skill and cannot be mastered by everyone who claims to be a Guru of the technique. There are some bogus companies that offer top ten rankings within a week’s time or some other counterfeit claim that cannot be actually achieved. Before signing on the dotted line there are certain facts that need to be understood to ensure that you are not ripped off by some SEO con artist. Never be entrapped by companies that make bogus claims of top ten rankings with the major search engines in a short period of time. They may accomplish the task by getting high rankings which are only for keywords unrelated to your site and practically never searched for online. There are some that are fly by night operators that will take your money and be off. To gain top rankings it requires the appropriate keywords and takes time as well as hard work.  Top billing with search engines is not available at a cost especially in the short span of time that these companies claim.

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