Why smartphone companies are focusing on high power batteries

It's the universal truth that the phone's battery life is not at the same level as its performance. Even with bigger batteries and power banks, most

It’s the universal truth that the phone’s battery life is not at the same level as its performance. Even with bigger batteries and power banks, most smartphones today are struggling to make it through a full day of use, whereas the best models barely get through two. But this was not the way it used to be; back in the (relatively) older times, phones had (relatively) better battery life, lasting for days with a single charging session. 

Our phones today are definitely more powerful, but why haven’t the batteries kept up with the progress? In a few words, it is because our phones have advanced and become more power demanding at a much faster pace than the battery advancements have. 

But, smartphone manufacturers are taking note of the want of better battery performance from the consumer, and are striving to fulfill these wishes.

A high-power battery is a vital feature that changes the way you look at a smartphone. Your phone needs a smart battery that promises to be used extensively without creating any problems in your work. It would be fair to say that a phone with a longer battery life would probably gain more brownie points and get picked up from the racks. 

Going Wireless

There has been a shift in the market lately, with wireless devices becoming the trend. Battery technology advances are lagging far behind, while the rate of power consumption is rising as customer’s demand the most from their devices as the days go by. 

In order to meet the demands of the fast-moving world, we have taken one step forward by employing the latest technologies possible. The focus has moved to wireless items and turbochargers. 

Tech companies are introducing innovations to build solar batteries for self-charging and solar goods for self-charging. Wireless electricity needs to be made available globally, so that battery life and charging speeds are no longer a major hindrance for mobile users. 

You can ditch the cable, use your gadget, and keep the battery full all day.

Not Compromising on Battery Life

Our lives depend a lot on our phones, given the quick life that we are living today. So it is a must to have a power-packed battery. It is the responsibility of the smartphones, especially mobiles below 10,000 INR, since they have the largest market, to appeal to the target audience with the best smartphone technology. 

In today’s time, smartphones are the basic necessity and you feel very unequipped if your smartphone runs out of battery in the middle of the day. All the requirements and the needs of the office-goers, students, and the millennials need to be addressed. 

Gaming and streaming purposes

Although a phone’s battery plays a crucial role in typical smartphones, cooling is also of paramount importance when it comes to gaming and streaming. Simply put, the simple need is for the battery to last longer and to provide the device with an uninterrupted experience, and not to heat up during long hours. 

As the cooling technology present in smartphones helps to keep the device cool and, in turn, ensures less battery drainage during long hours of use, both factors are correlated.  Today, we get 4,000mAh batteries in gaming smartphones, but a 6,000mAh battery phone would definitely be preferred.


Battery life is one of the biggest selling points for a smartphone. It is thus important that all the smartphone OEMs start providing smartphones with more powerful batteries that inherently guarantee longer usage times. 

Smartphones should be built upon the promise to extend your battery life. Mobiles below 10,000 INR with 6,000mAh batteries do especially well in the markets for this reason.

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