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A Glance at the Best Singapore Movers for House Moving Services

The moment you think about a mover the first thing that comes to your mind is people carrying goods up and down the stairs, storing boxes in the truck

The moment you think about a mover the first thing that comes to your mind is people carrying goods up and down the stairs, storing boxes in the truck and shifting them to the new location. This is what is generally assumed. Yet there are some moving companies in Singapore that offer extra moving services along with the basic package for making the move a hassle-free one sans any glitches. Thus, prior to opting for the basic package, check the full service portfolio that some moving companies in Singapore offer.

Complete Service Portfolio

Here is a sneak peek of the complete service portfolio that good moving companies offer,

  • Packing and Unpacking- The current day life is too busy. So people rarely have the energy and time for packing the entire house. Relax, moving companies can act as a savior. A professional mover along with being organized and systematic regarding packing will also at the same time make sure that the belongings are safe and are protected during the journey.
  • Disassemble and Reassemble- Electronics, large furniture or any wall-mounted stuff requires being taken apart as well as packed prior to transporting the same. There cannot be a better way of saving yourself from head-scratching and the time via employing the services of a professional mover. They will reach your destination with all the needed tools, packages and boxes to ensure proper packing. To know more, visit Anytime Movers Singapore website.
  • Handle Special Items- Wine collections, art, antiques, fragile items, just name it the packing company will take care of everything. If you want to be 100% sure about your precious goods then joining hands with a good moving company will be your answer. There are some companies that also offer custom made boxes and packaging including eco-friendly crate that is light on the pocket.
  • Storage- Often there is a gap between shifting from the old to the new home. During such circumstances you will need a proper storage area to keep your belongings. Most moving companies offer warehouses where you can store your goods safely.
  • Difficult Maneuvering- What can be a worse situation than learning that your furniture fails to fit via your home’s doors. A moving company that offers full service can help you in such situations. Hoisting furniture via the window is indeed simple for a professional moving company, who precisely will determine the finest means of navigating the situation. This may take some time but they will ensure in getting the furniture pieces where the same belongs.
  • Cleaning and Debris Pickup- Should the move include enough purging or you shift to a house which is not properly cleaned, the moving company will look after this. They will clean the debris and also clean the home if you desire. Usually, this includes hiring another company for the cleaning task, but there are some moving companies that find and schedule the cleaners.

A good and reputable moving company will always be properly equipped to aid you in every phase of the move which will cater to your needs and budget and above all make the move much simpler.