Simple Ways of Stopping Premature Skin Ageing

As we age, our skin experiences change like decreased skin cell renewing capacities and collagen production that may contribute to dull-looking skin,

As we age, our skin experiences change like decreased skin cell renewing capacities and collagen production that may contribute to dull-looking skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, which are all signs of skin aging. Although aging is a natural process in life, we can take some steps to control premature skin aging and keep our complexion looking young and radiant.

With the help of products like Cosrx, here are some simple ways to stop premature skin aging:

  1. Eat a nutritious diet

A healthy diet is the most important foundation for building good health and glowing skin. Cut out the junk and processed food loaded with toxins that cause skin-damaging free radicals, and eat a lot of healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Drink lots of water too to stay hydrated.

  1. Establish a consistent skin care regimen

Having a consistent skin care regimen comprised of daily face washing, toning, and moisturization is the second most important foundation in preventing early skin aging. Choose skin care products based on your needs and skin type: oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin. Wash, tone, and moisturize your face twice a day, upon waking up and before going to bed, every day. Stick to this basic routine and you’ll see the difference pay off throughout the years, and the sooner you start, the better.

  1. Invest in a moisturizer

Moisturization will become more important as you age because the skin starts slowing down its natural lubrication once you hit your 30s. A moisturizer is important because it helps repair your skin’s barrier and locks in moisture. Invest in a high-quality moisturizer with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid that helps erase fine lines and make your skin look plumper.

  1. Exfoliate regularly

Regularly exfoliating your face sloughs off dead skin cells that cause skin dullness and replace them with newer, brighter skin cells. Exfoliation accelerates the skin renewal process that helps keep your skin looking young and radiant.

  1. Minimize using makeup

Most makeup products contain toxic chemicals that seep in and damage our skin. Furthermore, makeup doesn’t correct skin problems and signs of skin aging; it only covers them up. If you do need to use makeup, choose natural-based ones that don’t list common harmful ingredients like parabens, artificial dyes, petrolatum, phthalates, propylene glycol, and artificial fragrances.

  1. Get enough sleep

Our body renews itself whenever we sleep, including our skin. Our skin sheds off old skin cells and generates new ones every time we go dozing off our beds at night. Efficient skin cell renewal helps ward off dull skin caused by old skin cells that contribute to skin darkening and pigmentation. Getting enough sleep accelerates our skin rejuvenating processes, so prioritize getting 7-8 hours of beauty sleep every night.

  1. Don’t sleep with your face pressed against the pillow

Pressing your face against the pillow when sleeping can cause ‘sleep lines’ that can turn into wrinkles and fine lines over the years. Also, the fabric may irritate your skin and trigger pimples especially if it’s dirty. Change into a supine sleeping position with your face up to avoid pressing your face against the sheets or pillow.

  1. Get enough calcium

Studies have shown that people with sufficient calcium levels in their body also tend to have fewer signs of skin aging. Drinking calcium-rich milk or taking a calcium supplement will help you achieve sufficient calcium levels in your body.

  1. Get enough Vitamin A, C, and E

These are the top 3 vitamins for younger-looking and glowing skin. Vitamin A, C, and E all function as powerful antioxidants that fight skin-damaging free radicals. Vitamin A is a carotenoid that often occurs with lutein, a nutrient that makes your skin look brighter, pinkish, and radiant. Vitamin E helps keep your skin moisturized and luminous, while Vitamin C helps repair skin cell damage, boost collagen production, and effectively fight free radicals.

  1. Regular exercise

Exercise hits so many good benefits at the same time: it reduces stress levels, tone your muscles, increases bone strength and density, and sweat out toxins. Because it’s good for your overall health, it also gives good results for your skin. Just make sure to shower after training and clean gym clothes and equipment properly to prevent bacteria that can cause pimples and skin irritation. Aim for at least 30-45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five times a week.

  1. Wear sunscreen

The sun emits both UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin damage, most especially premature skin aging. Thus, it is important to regularly wear sunscreen before going out in the sun, even on rainy and cloudy days because UVA rays still penetrate through even when the sun isn’t visibly out. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that covers both UVA and UVB rays and has at least 35+ SPF (sun protection factor) or higher.

Living a healthy lifestyle and building a solid skincare routine are your best bets for preventing premature skin aging. It only requires discipline and commitment to keeping your health a priority to reap the results, and that is keeping a young-looking and glowing skin well into your 30s and beyond.

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