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Should you Choose Fixed Braces or Invisalign?

They say that a smile is a curve that can set a lot of things right. But for that, the smile has to be right too. A bright and beautiful smile can he

They say that a smile is a curve that can set a lot of things right. But for that, the smile has to be right too. A bright and beautiful smile can help you win the world. Earlier when the technology was not that advanced, all we could do was brush our teeth. Now with the new dental techniques, we can do much more. 


Your dentist can now give your teeth a white and shiny makeover. There are procedures like teeth bleaching, whitening, and so on to give your teeth that extra white color. Yellow teeth are simply yesterday’s nightmare. Now your dentist can even fix your crooked teeth. The procedure is called orthodontic treatment. With the help of this procedure, the orthodontist can move or adjust the position of your teeth.


Orthodontic treatment is a blessing for people with crooked teeth. The method is quite comfortable and manageable. It can help you to combat the problems that come with crooked teeth. Crooked teeth do not only look unappealing but also is problematic. Crooked teeth have their own set of difficulties. They have a hard time to function effectively. Hence it is best to seek the help of an orthodontist.


An orthodontist will present you with some options. Some of the most sought after options are braces, Invisalign, veneers, and so on. You may discuss with your doctor regarding which is best for you. Each of the procedures has pros and cons. Hence, it is essential to have a fair idea about the methods.

Before any procedure to correct the alignment of your teeth, the x-ray of the teeth is a must. For this, the orthodontist will either use a handheld X-ray or a dental ct scanner. After that, the doctor will take a look at your teeth setting and make a plaster model. Once the doctor is satisfied with all the results, he will go on with the procedure.

Let’s get to know the various methods in a detailed manner.


Braces are perhaps the most common method to tame the crooked teeth. For this method, one of the most crucial necessities is permanent teeth. The doctor asks the patient to wait until they lose all the baby teeth. Braces are an easy way, but maintaining them is hard. The post-care is quite strict, especially for kids. Regular brushing and flossing are crucial. You have to brush and floss in between meals, in the morning and before bed. There are also strict food restrictions. There is another problem with braces; they are not that appealing.



This is quite different from braces. As the name suggests, it is a clear or transparent plastic model that fixes the crooked teeth. What’s the difference? Well, it is a blessing for people who are self-conscious to have traditional braces.  The braces will not be visible enough. There are no food restrictions in this case. In Invisalign, there are no wires or brackets; hence it is more comfortable than the regular braces. They are removable and it is easy to remove them before you eat or clean your teeth. Hence Invisalign is a much sought after procedure.

Even though Invisalign is a better procedure, it has its own set of cons. As it is easy to remove, there is a risk of frequent replacements. It is hassle-free, easy, and effective. Unlike braces, Invisalign will also save you from all the unwanted attention and embarrassment.