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Shaker Kitchen In 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

What is a shaker style kitchen? The shaker kitchen style is perhaps one of the most elegant traditional kitchen styles that has come to stand the tes

What is a shaker style kitchen?

The shaker kitchen style is perhaps one of the most elegant traditional kitchen styles that has come to stand the test of time. Renowned for its superior craftsmanship and bespoke finish, the shaker kitchen style is still a firm favourite and can be found in many of today’s modern kitchens

The shaker style is a fine example of a minimalist aesthetic with its clean-lined and unadorned design. Whilst the design of shaker cabinet doors and drawers lack much ornamentation, the beauty of the shaker lies in the fact that it doesn’t need any ornamentation, the artistry and craftsmanship behind this functional style are what makes this style so grandeur. Even though the shaker kitchen dates back to the 18th century, as the old saying goes, ‘fashions may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion’, something which holds true for the shaker kitchen style in 2021.

Shaker kitchen style

The cabinet doors and drawers of a shaker kitchen style consist of a signature recessed panel within the middle of a wide four-piece wooden frame. The construction of the shaker style cabinets and drawers offers versatility and a great deal of practicality, making this kitchen style a great choice for those looking for a kitchen style that can effortlessly create a timeless statement whilst delivering optimal practicality.

The frame of a shaker kitchen makes use of traditional dovetail joints that echo the shaker styles modest beginnings. Oak makes for the preferred choice of material for shaker kitchen styles, as the material of oak allows for the grain pattern to show when painted or stained. The modern shaker kitchen styles of today also have much deeper drawers and sophisticated storage solutions like a traditional pantry to minimise clutter and maximise on kitchen space.

Why are shaker kitchen designs so popular?

One of the main reasons why a kitchen shaker design remains so popular after all these years is down to the fact that it protrudes in understated elegance and maximises on durability and versatility. It’s a certain style that will never go out of fashion and will be able to transcend throughout the years. A shaker kitchen design can also be equally incorporated into any kitchen style, such as, traditional, modern, minimalist, contemporary edge, Scandinavian, and even industrial, which adds to its popularity. Due to oak being the preferred material of shaker cabinets and drawers, repainting and staining will be easily achievable and will not require specialists.

The simplicity of a shaker style kitchen does not rest at just the aesthetics, but it also offers a low level of maintenance. The surfaces within the shaker cabinets and drawers are really easy to clean with no awkward corners and a good level of thickness means that they will be able to withstand a good deal of manhandling.

How to achieve a modern finish

The most effective way to achieve a modern finish to a traditional shaker cabinet and drawers is to incorporate a contrasting contemporary colour that will draw the eyes of any guest and be sure to create a focal point of any kitchen. For the cabinets and drawers, bold shades of dark blues like a deep hartforth blue or rich greens such as sage, forest green or emerald are a key modern kitchen design trend for 2021. Creating a two-tone look by opting for lighter shades such as ivory marble for the kitchen worktops will create a bold and striking contrast that will help achieve a modern finish. A fusion of craftsmanship quality with an aesthetic modern twist is just what a kitchen shaker style brings to the table in 2021.