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7 Essential Tips to Remember while Making SEO Friendly Website

The era in which we live in, the dominance of the Internet and the aspect of content creation for virtual media has grown so much that the printing m

The era in which we live in, the dominance of the Internet and the aspect of content creation for virtual media has grown so much that the printing media is not an option to compete with your competition anymore. The reason behind this is that with the growth of technology, the reach of audience online has grown manifold and thus, having an SEO friendly website is the most essential investment for any business enterprise nowadays.

To get such a website that ranks on the top always when searched for a particular niche, the best option is to get in touch with a web development company. But, if you do not have the budget to hire an SEO expert writer, then you can take care of some basic aspects by yourself. So, today we are going to talk about 7 quick and simple tricks that will help you to create a website so amazing that it will rank in the local 3-packs and will drive loads of traffic without any issues.

  1. Using Indexable Content approach: One of the biggest issues that most people do not worry about at the time of creating a website is the usage of typical text format and heavy scripting. But, no matter how fascinating they end up becoming, it is pretty hard for a search engine to get through with them when they are looking for results. Thus, no matter how good the content or the designs are, the audience will never get to your website because of this. So, make sure to use tools like MozBar or Google’s Cache. They will help you to sort the Indexing issues and will give your website the edge of speed.
  2. Have a swift Crawlable Link structure: Crawler, one word that has the biggest effect in the SEO of a webpage. When it comes to a website, there are times when the creator misses to place portals through which the search engines can crawl to their other pages. So, suppose if a content offers opening point for 2 pages out of 4 pages, the other 2 pages will not get into the sight of search engines ever. Unless, Of course when they are too be searched independently.
  3. Keywords and Audience targeting: Keywords are the backbone of any content as they are the terms through which search engines crawl through the web to find the best answer to serve the query of the user. Now, if the keywords are not used in the appropriate place or if they are stuffed in the content, then instead of helping the ranks, they will show an adverse effect. This is why it is important to keep this aspect as serene as possible.
  4. Proper Keywords Placement: Placement of keywords is considered as one of the few things that interact with the prospective audience at first sight. The reason behind this statement is that the keywords are used in Title and Meta tags. Thus, the user gets to them at the very beginning of their search.
  5. On-page optimisation: As mentioned earlier, targeting the audience is a key factor in achieving a good amount of traffic. Also, on the same matter, On-page optimisation plays a big role as well. it includes the right usage of Keyword expression and the designing of the content itself. So, the things to concentrate upon regarding this aspect are the navigation of the website and crawlability through keywords.
  6. Using Title tags properly: This is the most precise and to the point aspect of Search engine optimisation. Being the first thing that influences the audience, the right language and formation of Title tags are some of the most essential factors. Thus, once a title comes up in the mind of the writer, they should check its worth via different online tools.
  7. Length of the content and Title: When we talk about the length of Content and Title, there are two units that we deal with which means that for the content we have to write as per the word limit but for the title, we have to look out for the character limit. So, for content, it is always advised to have more than 400 words for better ranking. Meanwhile, as for title tags, 65 to 70 characters should be the idle range to look for.

So, these are the 7 quick and easy tips that will help you to make an SEO friendly website. Also, once the website starts to gain some traffic leads, it is better to switch to some professional SEO company for better numbers.