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Is SBI CBO A Replacement For SBI PO? Will There Be Any Vacancy For PO This Year?

SBI PO stands for State Bank of India Probationary Officers, and SBI CBO stands for State Bank of India Circle Based Officer. Both the exams have diff

SBI PO stands for State Bank of India Probationary Officers, and SBI CBO stands for State Bank of India Circle Based Officer. Both the exams have different eligibility criteria in terms of experience. The exam pattern is also different. However, the same body conducts both exams. Also, once you qualify for the exam, you have almost the same job profile. This may leave some people confused as to whether the SBI is going to merge these exams or not. 

Is SBI CBO A Replacement For SBI PO?

As of now, the SBI CBO is not a replacement for the SBI PO. For the SBI CBO exams, south Indian states are facing a shortage of officers. Also, with the pandemic situation, the notification of exams may get delayed. However, this is true for all the exams, including central government exams. 

Therefore, you should not think that the SBI CBO is replacing the SBI PO. On the contrary, SBI PO is necessary for people who are fresh out of college and those who do not have work experience. That said, only the body organizing the exam will be able to tell for sure if the exams will remain separate in the future.

Are Both The Exams Similar?

The exam patterns for both the SBI CBO and SBI PO are different from each other. The SBI PO exam has a preliminary exam followed by mains and group discussion. Finally, you would have an interview. On the contrary, the SBI CBO exam has an online exam that is descriptive. This is then followed by an interview. Although the pattern is different, the syllabus overlaps in some areas such as letter writing. That said, preparing for one does not necessarily mean that you would be able to qualify for the other. 

How To Get Qualified For SBI PO?

The SBI PO exam is one of the most competitive exams in India, therefore, it has been one of the most challenging exams to crack. However, it is not impossible to do so with the right preparation. This exam is for candidates who wish to start their career as an officer with SBI. To crack the SBI PO examination, one must be well prepared and follow the SBI PO notification syllabus. You should also ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria. 

The following are some tips that will help you crack the SBI PO Exam.

  • Prepare a proper timetable and stick to it. Also, you should divide your study time into different sections like English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness, etc.
  • You should know how to use your time properly for the SBI PO exam. So, if you cannot manage your time, you will not be able to complete the paper on time. Thus, it will affect your required marks.
  • Prepare separately for each round. You should know that, while your knowledge remains the same, the pattern you should follow for each round is different. Therefore, you should prepare for prelims separately from the mains. This will ensure that you do not get cut off at a particular level.
  • Take mock tests. You can better understand how you perform when compared to your peers if you take the mock exams. Further, you would be able to train yourself to attempt questions in the exam pattern. 

Will There Be Any Vacancy For PO This Year?

The State Bank of India has already declared how many vacancies would be there for the post of PO in 2022. These vacancies have been sorted according to categories. 

Category Number of Vacancies
General 810
EWS 200
OBC 560
SC 324
ST 162
Total 2056



As of the foreseeable future, the SBI would keep on conducting the PO exam. Hence, it is vital that you keep preparing for the exam. This will ensure that you pass with flying colors irrespective of the vacancies available. 

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