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What Is The Best Strategy To Take ESIC UDC Mock Test? How To Improve Score Using ESIC UDC Mock Test?

If you have decided to prepare for the ESIC UDC exam, you know how competitive it can get. Although the exam in itself is not very difficult, a lot of

If you have decided to prepare for the ESIC UDC exam, you know how competitive it can get. Although the exam in itself is not very difficult, a lot of people appear for the exam compared to the vacancies. Thus, you must score very well to ensure your selection. This is where mock tests come into play. You should always check the level of preparation by enrolling in a mock test series. 

Ideal Strategy For Taking The ESIC UDC Mock Test

Most people know how important mock tests are for your success in the ESIC UDC exam. However, you should have proper strategies to make the best out of them. The ideal strategy is one where you get to measure your performance accurately. Then, you can mold your preparation to improve your scores. That said, when it comes to strategies, there is no single strategy that suits everyone. You should read the tips and advice from experts. Then, you must form your own strategy.

Tips For Taking The ESIC UDC Mock Test

In addition to checking your performance, mock tests will also train you for the exam. Here are some tips you can follow when you take mock tests for the ESIC UDC exam:

  • Go Sectional 

People often have the fear of taking mock tests before they complete the entire syllabus. However, this is the wrong approach. You should not wait till you cover everything because this is a competitive exam and finishing the entire syllabus may not always be possible. Also, you may find it easier to study if you think of the syllabus as small parts you should complete one by one. So, once you have done one part, you should take a mock test. Then, check your performance in that particular part.

  • Do The Test In One Sitting

Due to connectivity issues and other problems students might face, a lot of vendors allow you to take mock tests in parts. However, you will not be able to do this in the real exam. Therefore, you should practice doing it all at once whenever possible. This will improve your focus. Also, it will ensure that you do not get exhausted during the exam. Moreover, it will let you have an accurate picture of your performance. 

How To Improve Score Using ESIC UDC Mock Test?

You can spend hours attempting mock tests. But what is the point if they do not help you improve your score in the actual exam? Here are some ways you can improve your score using the ESIC UDC mock test:

  • Analyze Your Performance

The most crucial aspect of taking mock tests is not writing the answers. While that in itself is important, analyzing your performance is vital. You should meticulously go through what went wrong. Also, you should understand what could have been right. This way you will be able to improve your performance in the future. 

  • Attempt The Mock Test In Exam-Like Conditions 

When you take the mock tests, you might feel like taking them lightly. However, you should ensure that you treat it like the real exam. So, you should try to replicate the conditions to the exam conditions as closely as possible. 

  • Experiment With Your Style 

Sure, you should take mock tests seriously. But, you should also remember that they are for your practice. So, you should change the number of questions you attempt and the method in which you attempt them from time to time. Then, you will find a number at which your score is the best. Stick to that. 


You should take all the tips and tricks with a pinch of salt. This is because only you can tell what strategy would work best for you. That said, taking mock tests is a vital part of your preparation and you should not skip that.

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