Are Your Safety Programs Effective? 8 Reasons Why Conducting Safety Audits on a Regular Basis Is a Good Idea

The safety needs of the business will change regularly depending on the workload, the adoption of new technology and machinery, and the evolution of w

The safety needs of the business will change regularly depending on the workload, the adoption of new technology and machinery, and the evolution of working practices. Safety audits are essential for maintaining a safe workplace in this constantly shifting environment.

Safety audits identify potential hazards in the workplace and strive to mitigate risks. It also identifies gaps in the company’s fulfilment of legal obligations towards worker safety and helps to improve the welfare and working conditions for the workforce. Learn more about safety audits and risk assessments and how they can help your business.

To Ensure Existing Safety Protocols and Procedures are Working

Your company likely already has extensive safety procedures in place. These must be regularly revisited to ensure they are still the safest practices, they are being adhered to by all employees, and they are working effectively to prevent workplace injuries.

Identify Potential Problems

Safety audits help identify potential problems and threats to worker safety. By anticipating these problems and dangers, businesses can better prevent accidents and prepare for an accident should it occur. For example, identifying an area where corrosive chemicals may be held might prompt a business to install an eyewash station nearby to deal with any dangerous situations that emerge.

Monitor Compliance

Even the best safety protocols in the world become useless if staff do not comply with them. A safety audit will help identify protocols that are no being followed and understand the reasons why.

To Verify OSHA compliance

Your business must be in compliance with all OSHA rules. Failure to do so could result in legal action. A regular audit will ensure you are not at risk of legal action for failure to comply with OSHA rules.

Instils a Safety-First Culture

Regular audits help raise awareness of the importance of safety and show employees that their safety is something the management takes seriously. This will improve worker morale. It will also instil a safety-first culture which will permeate across the company.

To Identify Equipment That Has Become Unsafe

Wear and tear can lead to machinery becoming less safe and becoming a potential hazard. Regular safety audits will help identify these machines early, allowing management to take steps to minimize risks before the machine becomes too dangerous to use.

Increases the Company’s Credentials

Your company reputation is extremely important. Having your company become associated with poor safety standards and a laissez-faire attitude towards hazards will damage your company’s reputation. It could lead to fewer candidates applying to work at your company and difficulty in attracting top industry talent. Regular safety audits will show existing employees, and potential future employees, that your company is committed to workplace safety.

It Saves You Money

The Department of Labor in Vermont estimates that for every $1 spent on improving workplace safety, it saves a company between $3 and $10 in costs associated with workplace injury. Therefore, spending the money and time conducting regular safety audits makes business sense and helps bolster your company’s bottom line.