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Top 5 Reasons Why Sisal Is Ideal Choice For Your Home

The world is slowly shifting its focus towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options. There is a growing consciousness to eradicate the use of all

The world is slowly shifting its focus towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options. There is a growing consciousness to eradicate the use of all that is synthetic and opt for the organic alternatives! Growing demand for the natural fibre room floorings is a consequence of the same.

Sisal is one such natural fibre that has a high level of versatility, making it a popular and favourite option with the majority of the home dwellers. The rustic feel and aesthetic looks are what that make the sisal flooring a highly coveted option, capable of bringing out the element of elegance, quite effortlessly.

Here’s an extensive list of our top 5 reasons which make sisal carpets as an indispensable part of your home interiors.

  1. An Effective Sound Absorbent: Sisal rugs are quite tightly woven as a result of which, a certain quality of sound insulation embeds into it. There have been many instances where sisal under-foots have been successfully used to cut down on noise.

So, if you have a house buzzing with kids and pets, or, in case you share your walls with a bunch of loud neighbours, simply bringing few sisal floor coverings for different rooms can help you deal with the issue quite effectively.

  1. High Durability: Sisal is known to showcase a high level of resistance to any sort of wear or tear issues. With the addition of a few safe to use chemical coatings, this can be enhanced further!

Hence, irrespective of the home traffic, sun exposure or heavy furniture, your sisal floorings are sure to last you for a fairly long period of time and that too in a pristine condition.

  1. Eco-Friendly: Since sisal fibre is extracted from the plant, it is a totally organic and biodegradable option that can be used as a floor covering.

Also, quite unlike its synthetic counterparts, sisal doesn’t emit dangerous the toxic compounds like VOCs. Hence, it is a totally safe option for the homes with toddlers, kids, pets and asthma patients.

  1. Natural Humidifier: Another major reason to opt for the Sisal rugs and carpets, for your homes, is its ability to control the temperature.

Sisal has an inherent property of high moisture absorbance and it is anti-static too. This way it can naturally help to maintain the moisture level inside the house, thus, maintaining the humidity levels to the optimum.

  1. Easy To Maintain: Maintenance part is also pretty simple. Regular vacuuming is all that you need to keep your favourite carpet running for years.

In case of spills, ensure to blotch the affected area with a tissue or some high absorbing towel cloth immediately to avoid stains.

To treat the stubborn stains, a concoction of baking soda and water can be greatly helpful.

With so many advantages at their behest, sisal floorings are undoubtedly the best options to enhance your interiors in the organic yet stylish manner.

The best part about the earthly tones of sisal is that they do not control the space, but, in fact, they get effortlessly blended in your home set-up, making it truly stand out!