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Reasons Behind the Rising Demands for Property Management Services

Pune is a major realty hub in India. With the highest number of college and IT Software companies than any other cities in India, it is a magnet for i

Pune is a major realty hub in India. With the highest number of college and IT Software companies than any other cities in India, it is a magnet for industrial workers, students and professionals. The city witnessed a massive boom in residential and commercial properties with greater influx of migrants. Leading developers of the country are developing real estate development. The city is expanding in every direction and set to become the leader in real estate sector.

Of late, NRIs from the world over havealso started to invest in Pune real estate market. Investment in real estate is a great investment vehicle which provides stable return on their investment and handsome rentals.As a way of early investment, a section of NRIs are investing in residential properties who intend to return to their home country one day and spend the rest of their life in a beautiful city.

Pune’s roaring real estate market has created enormous scope for Property Management Services. In the simplest of term, Property Management means to manage somebody else’s property.

Property Management Services in Pune is now popular and commonplace in Pune. These services find good favor from NRIs property owner since they seldom live in the city or country and therefore unable to manage their asset on their own. For NRIs, Property Management Services is their perfect solution.

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Generally, property management offices are multi-disciplined. So, in addition to managing property, they also dwell in rental management and property maintenance. Property management serviceseffectively benefits prospective investors, landowners, tenants and the property itself. A property manager finds the right residential property for the prospective investor; maximizes and brings return-on-investment for the landowner; facilitates a home to live in for the tenant, and; provides maintenance and security for the property in question.

Alongside property management, Property Buy &Sell Services in Pune is in great demand. They provide an essential link between those who wish to buy property and those who wish to sell/rent property.Real estate companies and firms deal in all types of rental, sale and purchase of flats, shops and plots whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Previously, the traditional way of real estate dealings was limited to real estate brokers and developers. Clients had no other choice but to go to the physical office and meet the local brokers/developers. But, the real estate market has totally evolved now. It is the era of digital real estate marketing. Through their property portals, they promote their service right into the living rooms of the city-inhabitants. These portals also host classified ads for property. They provide complete end-to-end services to clients. Their specialization is searching and short-listing properties, arranging site visits, facilitating home loans and completing legal paperwork.

The RERA Act 2016 passed by the Central government has added more transparency in the buy & sell market. City-based real estate brokers must register themselves with real estate regulators. The new law has brought both developers and home buyers on equal footing. Buyers, especially,can approach a real estate firm or broker with confidence because they know their hard-earned money is totally safe.

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