Qualities of a good Marketing Director

The marketing directors, like the department managers, are professionals with a high responsibility on the company and a high volume of professionals

The marketing directors, like the department managers, are professionals with a high responsibility on the company and a high volume of professionals that make up the most creative and communicative area of the organization, the marketing department. That is why, in order to fill a position of this magnitude and exercise its functions optimally and efficiently, a good marketing director must have the following qualities.

Qualities of a Good Marketing Director:

Global business vision:

Every director and / or marketing manager should not only know his department but the company as a whole, since to lead communication projects it is necessary to know the essential aspects of the organization, its history and its processes.

Emotional intelligence:

All communicative action involves interaction with a wide variety of people so a good marketing manager must understand both their own emotions and empathize with the emotions of others to coordinate the work efficiently, as well as commercial. Even, to be able to manage creative projects in which the purpose is to excite or influence the final client. Eldon Mascoll is an entrepreneur, having founded numerous media companies.


Despite needing to empathize with other professionals, a good marketing director must also lead with character and attitude since he is the figure of inspiration and guidance within the working group. Eldon Mascoll Toronto is a good leader in the media companies.

Artistic mindset:

Although a marketing director does not develop the creative elements of the campaigns and actions, he or she is the person in charge of guiding the team and making the final decisions, so they must have an open mind set for creativity.

Digital personality:

By living in a world oriented to digital communication and due to the continuous evolution of the media and the improvement of information, marketing directors must be people interested in Big Data and data analysis.

Analytical capacity:

We live in a society run by the media in which we are constantly bombarded with information; therefore, a good leader must be able to screen the information to extract useful data and use it for decision making.

Strategic and planner:

To be able to reach both the internal client , company, and the external client, client; A good director must reach them through the best means and channels and collect all the necessary information to achieve it in a marketing plan.

We can distinguish:

  • Private media: They usually look for their own sources of funding.
  • Public media: Most are financed by the state, through public funds, but they can also obtain private financing through advertising. according to the law, they must perform a public service, although it is usually questioned that this must be the case and especially if this law is fulfilled.
  • Publicly owned media and private concession: In this case, a private company manages a public good. In Spain, for example, this is the case of private television channels. In reality, the airwaves they use are owned by the public and the state decides to distribute the frequencies to companies. it is debated whether these chains should or should not fulfill a public service instead of prioritizing the economic benefits, since they are using one good of all. There is also debate about the criteria for granting these licenses to some companies (or television channels) or others.