Inescapable reasons for moving to wireless charging

The most challenging thing in today’s society is to live without a trusty Smartphone or at least a computer. The world is now going digital and everyo

The most challenging thing in today’s society is to live without a trusty Smartphone or at least a computer. The world is now going digital and everyone depends on these gadgets to keep abreast of what’s latest in the globe. When bored, we also turn to our iPhones or computers for the latest videos and games.

However, running out of battery is something we can’t evade when using these technological devices. Sometimes, charging the Smartphone or computer just once a day is not close to enough. You have to recharge after some hours daily. You don’t have to worry because technological advancement has made the recharging easier.

The wireless charging also perceived as magnetic induction is essential in this situation. The gadget is vital especially when you are traveling or when you are away from your power socket.

An overview of how wireless charger functions

With a wireless charger, you only have to use a charging pad to transmit power to your electronic gadget through electromagnetic induction. The transformation between the mobile phone and the charging pad will stimulate the magnetic field.

This induction will be made easier by the electric current. The technology has simplified the recharging process as you don’t have to use the power cables or the charging sockets.

The primary reason for using this charging product is to connect with the mobile device to recharge the battery of that gadget which may include your iPhone. The charging happens only with the help of electric current. However, the Smartphone must be compatible with the charger that you are using.

But are you wondering whether the wireless charging is safe for your Smartphone, computer or even your health? The good news is that the technology has been tried and tested by the various companies and their clients. This article will also help you know more about the safety of the wireless chargers.

The safety of wireless charging

As you know well, chargers can be a cause of concern to the safety of our electronic devices and us too. The electromagnetic fields produced by the chargers can be harmful as they can cause insomnia and depression.

However, with wireless chargers, you don’t have to worry about such health risks. Remember you are not in contact with the charging pad and EMF release level is considerably low.

Do you also know that wireless charging is not prevalent to electric shock? Well, if you are worried that with the product you can be exposed to electrocution, then you are wrong. Always keep in mind that the charger doesn’t reproduce any sparkle, consumes low electric power, and does not corrode when in water, hence safe and harmless for human use.

Many people also worry so much about the lifespan of their batteries. Do you also think that the wireless charger may have a negative impact on your computer’s or Smartphone’s battery capacity? The answer is a simple no.

Even though every battery inescapably degrades eventually, with wireless charging, you can increase the lifespan. Make sure you charge the battery occasionally and don’t let the battery to die. For instance, if you ensure the battery percentage is always between 45%-55%, you can be sure that the battery won’t die soon.

Other advantages of using wireless charging

According to the vice president of product development for Mophie, Charlie Quong, every Smartphone owner must embrace the wireless charging technology. People spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and offices to charge their phones. Nevertheless, with wireless chargers, many people can save their valuable time as they can charge their phones or computers anywhere.

Several mobile gadget batteries can die anytime anywhere. What do you do when your iPhone’s battery has a low percentage? You park the phone down. How inconvenient, right? However, with this wireless gadget, you can keep your devices charged throughout the day without having to postpone the vital issues you have to check from let say your Smartphone.

Bottom line

You don’t have to worry so much about the safety of wireless charging as the gadget is harmless to your health as compared to wired chargers. Remember that as seen earlier, the device cannot expose you to electric shock as it uses low electricity. Also, the technology is friendly to your Smartphone’s battery.

Also, using a wireless charger is outstanding as you don’t have to keep on plugging the cable charger. Isn’t it convenient when you can place the iPhone on the wireless charger, and it functions effectively?