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How much it matters from where you are pursuing your MBA?

Planning to do an MBA and feeling dizzy after taking a look at the options?   Yeah! It’s not that easy, as there is a rat race going out there no

Planning to do an MBA and feeling dizzy after taking a look at the options?  

Yeah! It’s not that easy, as there is a rat race going out there not just among the candidates but also amongst the colleges. It is evident from the fact that whenever you will go through a college’s website, it would be claiming itself among the top colleges.

Do you wonder why?

It is called presenting yourself better in order to attract your customers as eyes work as a messenger to the brain. It is not only true for students but also for companies that come to recruit students from these colleges, ‘reputation’ or in layman terms ‘brand power’ matters. The hustle to get into colleges like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford is excruciating,

Harvard turned itself into a dream by maintaining its repo through all these years and this what makes it one of the most lucrative options for students.  The companies that come to recruit from top colleges believe that they are laying their hands on the best of the best and hence they do not shy way in paying handsome salaries to the ones they recruit and without a doubt it is one the first thing that comes into a student’s mind and that’s why everyone strives for the best.

Apart from a reputed college and a great package, what matters most for the longer run is the great learning experience in the classroom and this has been ensured by the kind of peers you will be studying with as you will be studying with those cream students who have joined the class after beating that cut-throat competition of getting into the top-B college.

These students come from a diverse background with diverse experiences, some might bring years of professional experience and some might blow your mind with their out-of-the-box-thinking.

The experience of the learning with this diverse cohort cannot be compared with anything, as this is something which adds value to your personality and skills for the rest of your life.

Anything that you will learn among such peers will give you new insights into what could have done better. You will already a become a part of a great network as soon you step into this class, you will already be sitting with those for future business leaders who come with varied experiences of their fields, you will develop lifelong relationships that will back you even in future.

Working together on several projects with such a brilliant class of students will give you hands-on experience with many business aspects. To know more about the programs offered by these top MBA colleges, you can refer to this blog  Top 10 MBA colleges of the world.

Now coming to the part, what it takes to get into these top-ten colleges, a good profile comprising a good GMAT and GPA with an all-around personality but what about the expenses?

A high school fee clubbed with rent and other necessary expenses especially if you are a foreign student makes it think you twice. Here comes the factor which determines the value of an MBA, that is Return on Investment which is defined as “the profit on an investment in relation to the amount invested.”

Supposing you come from a developing country like India and have a chance to do your MBA from India’s most reputed college IIM-Ahmedabad and on the other hand you also get into one of the top-B schools of the world, let’s say Stanford, considering all the factors you will find, that you could shape your career exactly or better than an Indian Stanford graduate excluding all the amount that you will be spending on your education plus expenses of living in a foreign country.

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Hence, ROI could be a huge factor in deciding where to pursue your career.

The best thing to do while weighing your options would be to research about the MBA program you want to get into and look for the rankings of that particular program instead of going blindly for the name of the school.

The second thing is to research about the alumni network of a school and this will give you an idea about the placements and the kind of companies recruiting from the school. And at the last, you must take into account what return you will be getting from this investment.  

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