7 Things You Must Have In The Checklist To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

As much as your child is excited for the upcoming birthday, you are sitting on the fence uncertain of what could make it stand out and worthy for your

As much as your child is excited for the upcoming birthday, you are sitting on the fence uncertain of what could make it stand out and worthy for your child. Undoubtedly, planning a kid’s birthday is a herculean task and it’s not just one or two things you should take care of but aplenty.

However, to ease the task for you, here’s a lowdown of 7 things you should make a mental note of while planning your kid’s birthday. Take the guide to the below checklist and make the celebration memorable. Read on:

  • Discuss with your child what kind of party they want

Dinosaur party, hello kitty theme or a celebration with Doraemon! Let your child help you with the theme of party they are looking forward to on their birthday. The theme will help you narrow down the decoration and activity choices and will also give a sense of responsibility to the child as they get to decide an element of the party.  

  • Make guest list and send invitations

Do you have to invite the entire class or the five best friends of your child? The number of guests decides the type of activities you can host in the party. Make creative written invitations for the party mentioning if parents are invited with children. Also convey through the same, date, time and venue along with an RSVP date

  • Plan the menu

When it comes to food, kids are super easy to please. Kids love finger fries, burgers, pizza, noodles and all kinds of fast food. Keep it simple and the kids will definitely appreciate the food in your party. If you like, you can keep a few special dishes and mocktails for the parents. Make a note in advance of how much time each dish will take for preparation.

  • Make sure balloons are there

Balloons are the life of any party, especially birthday parties. Kids love to pop them after the cake is cut. Get the balloons for the party in accordance with the theme. Make sure to insert some treats in each balloon so that the children can enjoy candies after popping them. Inflate the balloons at the perfect time because the process takes time.

  • Order the cake

Cakes are the most important element of any birthday party and the cake for your child needs to be the perfect one. Make sure to order the cake a day or two before the actual date of the party. You can order designer birthday cakes online and select the design as per your child’s favorite TV character like Chota Bheem, Spider Man or Barbie. The designer birthday cakes will get your child a lot of popularity amongst their friends.

  • Display Food

Kids are more pleased by the presentation than the food. So, the trick is – keep  the food nicely garnished and colorfully presented, say shape of the animals, fruits in bamboo skewers and so forth. So, even if the menu is simple, a nice display can do wonders. One or two hours before the guests arrive, set out the foods that won’t spoil. Wrap them tightly to ensure the freshness and tear the wrap as soon as the first doorbell rings.

  • Send off everyone with party favors

Party favors are one way to make your guests happy. In this party, since kids are your guests, there won’t be anything more thrilling for them than the party favors. It could be anything from a craft book to a box of chocolates. Your child can hand them out and say Thank You at the same time.

The above checklist will make sure everything is in place and in the best possible way as we want your child’s birthday to be a huge celebration. With the above mentioned points, it will definitely be a day to remember for your child.