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Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems

Home security is the major concern for any individual, especially when you have a family. Instead of relying on manual security, people are now shif

Home security is the major concern for any individual, especially when you have a family. Instead of relying on manual security, people are now shifting to modern security systems which ensure to provide more security. Just like how every coin has two sides, the home security systems have it too. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of home security systems.

Pros Of Home Security Systems


The advantage of having a security system installed/availed is to be able to monitor remotely and be able to view your house without being present physically. This option comes in handy for people who have kids at home or any elderly persons. For example, consider a situation where your child is alone at home and having a security system installed can help you in major ways. Many systems now come with a child tracking system which makes it easier for the parents to monitor their kid’s activities or moves. This way you can ensure the safety of your kids and home as well.

Quick Installation

With the evolution of technology, there are a lot of things changing in every field and its the same in the case of security as well. Most of the systems are now accessible via smartphone like an app-based security system, without having to install and bulky or huge hardware. So the deployment or the set up doesn’t take much time. 

Peace Of Mind

When you know that your valuables and home are safeguarded by a high-security system/application then you can be stress-free and relaxed. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind to the homeowners. 

Better Safety & Protection

As we already know the use of old security methods have never been effective for the long run. With the advancement of new security services or systems there comes more protection and security as well because the advancement is done in the aim to offer more security. Today’s systems are designed in such a way that they provide security no matter what the situation or use case is. 

Cons Of Home Security Services

Maintenance/Damage Cost

The maintenance charges of the system/service are a little expensive sometimes even half the amount of installing it. The average cost for maintaining a security system is around 70-80k. And if there is any slightest of the slightest damage, the cost will be equal to a new one.

Need For Operator

Since the systems are a little complex, it gets difficult for you to control or manage. And it all the more becomes a big problem if there is an issue with the system. You will always have to depend on the operator to fix things. And asking the professional to come to your place every time there is any problem then this will cost you too much.

Frequent Add-ons

With the aim to enhance the security levels, there are new updates and features in the system. But the whole problem is that these features/services are availed at a certain price. Purchasing every time you get a new feature can cost you more.