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Probing Into The Different Patio Cover Materials

Just like any other product, the patio covers also come in different sizes, forms, price and of course different materials. You will need to cover an

Just like any other product, the patio covers also come in different sizes, forms, price and of course different materials. You will need to cover and consider all these aspects if you want to purchase a good and long-lasting cover for your furniture. However, amongst all, choosing the right material of the furniture cover may overwhelm you simply because there is a large variety of materials a patio cover can be made of. 

There are different factors that will come into play when you choose the right material for the patio furniture covers and price is not the only one. 

  • You will need to consider the weather that may get rough at times, and often come without a warning.
  • You will need to consider the needs of your furniture as well depending on the place you have put it up.
  • You will need to consider the maintenance, ease in use and storage of the covers as well when not in use. 

Lastly, you will need to consider the price so that it fits in within your budget. All these considerations will make your investment truly worth it.

Different types of cover materials

Patio furniture covers can be made up of a variety of materials. Each of these materials will have its own characteristics. If you want to buy the best cover made from the best material and the one that suits your need and serves your purpose, you will need to understand the benefits of each of the available material. Here are a few common fabric options.

Marine polyester: 

This is a special type of fabric which is especially designed to perform well in the areas where water is present. These are actually the material used to manufacture covers to protect the boats. Therefore, it needs no further explanation that the marine polyester material will be extremely water resistant in nature. 

You may research a bit more and find specific brands that manufacture such covers that also have other additional protective features such as:

  • Mildew-resistant and 
  • UV ray’s protection. 

However, at this juncture, you must take note of the fact that there may be a few options that are more durable than the others.

Marine vinyl:

This is another useful option that you can choose to have as a material for your patio furniture covers, especially if you live in an area where rain is a very common natural phenomenon. This specially designed marine-grade vinyl fabric is:

  • Highly durable and once again
  • Essentially water-resistant. 

The added benefit of this type of material is that it will protect your furniture items from UV rays of the sun.

Lastly, the canvas material is another useful one that you may also have for your patio furniture covers. If you do so, just make sure that you choose a cover that is specially designed to be resistant to UV rays and specially to molds and mildew. This is because canvas material can accumulate moisture in it and this is the perfect food for the molds and mildew to form and multiply.