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How to Prepare Your House for Selling at a Higher Price

Selling a house can be an overwhelming task, but there are a few ways sellers can make the experience hassle-free. Whether putting up houses, bungalow

Selling a house can be an overwhelming task, but there are a few ways sellers can make the experience hassle-free. Whether putting up houses, bungalows, or condos for sale in any city,

Here are a few ways sellers can fetch the highest price on the transaction.  

Clean the Rooms

It is better to clean your house and make it look as good as new before selling. In this way, you can attract high-end buyers. Make sure to clean the most neglected places like blinds, roof gutters, and window wells. A cleaner house can show your property in a better light and improve its resale value. If your pocket allows it, spend extra cash to hire a cleaning expert who can make your house cleaner and more appealing to buyers.


Remove all the unwanted things in your house and clear up clutter while you clean. In this way, you can make your house look more spacious by getting rid of any unnecessary stuff. Hire a storage space unit if the need arises. De-cluttering can bring a significant difference to your house. You can make your closets, garage, porch, and bathroom look bigger and cleaner. Every buyer wants a big space to live in and should feel like they’re purchasing enough space. If the stuff cluttering your house is important, consider moving the items to a storage unit.

Have Your House Evaluated

Be realistic and patient when trying to set the price of your house.  Your quoted price should be negotiable, and the buyer will try to offer an amount lower than your expectations. Take expert advice from different realtors to get a suitable price tag for your house. A realtor may provide you with a solid reference point if any buyer accuses you of setting a higher price than the usual.

Use Comparables

Comparable can help you decide the price of your house on the basis of the current market. It may help you get a good picture of the house listing in your area and how much they have sold for in the last month. You can use comparables to determine the price range your house may fall in. Always use comparables when making an assessment of your home’s value before listing. Look at comparables which are six months or a year old if you live in a slower market or a rural area.

Hire an Appraiser

The primary role of an appraiser is to evaluate the entire property, take clear photos, research information about land parcels, and assemble a list of comparable sales in the neighbourhood to determine the value of your house. There are many banks that offer reputable appraisers who can help to refinance or to get mortgage loans. You can ask a local branch manager to refer an expert appraiser for your house. An appraiser may charge you a fee for a single visit, but realtors don’t usually ask for any money upfront to offer their opinion.

Fix Every Broken Thing

Fixing everything in the house can be an appalling task if you are stuck on a limited budget. However, it is important to repair big damages which potential buyers can see, especially if you wish to sell the house at a higher price. Cracked doors or windows, massively dripping faucets, or nasty stains on the floor should be removed because it can give a bad impression to many buyers. During the inspection process, the buyer will eventually discover all the flaws in the house that may not go in your favour.

Advertise Your House on Media

Targeted media exposure can be a huge benefit for people who are considering selling their house at a higher price. Whether your house is situated beside a lake or architecturally beautiful, media experts can make a sound story out of it. In this way, more buyers will be thrilled to check the house and can be willing to pay a higher price than the normal.

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