Summers are near! We’re sure that you all would have turned your fans on. Every year in Pakistan we experience a slightly different climate than the previous year. Last year winters started with in the beginning of the month of November and ended nearly in the beginning of the month of February. Well winters have been partial to the month of February if this month is to be taken into consideration. However, since the temperature has changed and finally people have started to prepare for summers this year, let’s take a look at some of the things which we need to look out for , in order to prepare really well for the Summer season.

Cracked Paints and Seepage Problems

When the climate and weather is changing, people often complain of witnessing cracked paints and seepage problems in their houses. Well as the month of February went down and March has finally begun, you have all the time in the world to cater for these minor issues. Ask a plumber to make sure that all the pipelines in the house are doing just well and there isn’t any issue. As for the paint you need to act wise and go for the best choice in order to make your house look colorful and vibrant.

Polishing your Wood

Polish the wood work of your house if you can or hire a person who can do this job really well. wood work often gets disturbed because of prolonged humidity and extreme climatic conditions. Whilst getting your house renovated you can easily get the woodwork polished after the completion of the drying of cement. You can also change the color of your doors so that things get streamlined really well.

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Servicing of Air Conditioners

This is probably the most important point to be taken into consideration. Pakistan is a country where residents often experience extreme weather conditions and people who can afford to install air conditioners in their homes absolutely love to enjoy the cool breeze of these electrical machines. Summers are near so you better get your air conditioners services before sun starts to shine too bright. Servicing of air conditioners can be done whilst people who are experts come at your place.

Cover Your Lawn with a Green Shade

Make sure that your plants and kids are both not exposed to the direct rays of the sun which could heat up things. Toddlers in home often love to hang around in garden and play area. Make sure that you cover the garden in your house with something appropriate. A green shade can be bought from different markets in Lahore at affordable rates. Covering the lawn with a green shade will actually protect the plants from the excessive heat of the sun.

There are many other things to look out for. Keep reading our blogs to know more about the other tips for protecting your house from the excessive heat of the sun.

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