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7 Tips to Select a Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia quinnlawyers.com

Getting injured because of someone's negligence or fault can be a disturbing experience. A personal injury may refer to a case of medical malpractice

Getting injured because of someone’s negligence or fault can be a disturbing experience. A personal injury may refer to a case of medical malpractice or something more common like a car accident. Pennsylvania personal injury laws can sound more complicated than standard tort states. Regardless of other factors, talking to an attorney is typically beneficial for most victims. If you have doubts about selecting between Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, we have seven tips listed below for your help.

  1. Call to get a response. If a lawyer’s office takes too long to respond or schedule an appointment, you should look for alternatives. It is always wise to seek help for your injury case immediately after the accident.
  2. Meet the attorney in person. A conversation is never enough to discuss the potential of an injury lawsuit. You have to meet the lawyer in-person to know what to expect from the case and their experience.
  3. Consider experience. Experience is undoubtedly the most critical aspect to look for in a personal injury lawyer. Ask the attorney about the type of cases they typically handle in their regular practice. For instance, if you want to file a nursing home abuse case, you need a lawyer who has worked on similar lawsuits in the past.
  4. Ask about their success rate. When you meet an attorney for the first time, ask them about their top settlements. Lawyers usually like to discuss their work profile and wouldn’t mind sharing references.
  5. Trial experience is as important. While most personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania are settled outside of court, you need a lawyer with prior trial experience. Your legal counsel should be able to handle everything related to the case, including a possible trial.
  6. Don’t forget to discuss the fee. Injury lawyers don’t generally charge an upfront fee. However, they are expected to explain everything in advance. The lawyer can only charge a fee when you win. The contingency fee depends largely on the attorney’s experience and facts of the case.
  7. Personality matters. Talking to a lawyer doesn’t have to feel intimidating or overwhelming. The personality of an injury attorney is not the biggest factor but will undoubtedly matter in the long run. Consider if the lawyer answered all your questions and was keen on explaining the laws.

You can check online or ask around for top law firms and personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia. Call an attorney today.

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