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‘Page Quality’ Update for Facebook to Stop the Misuse


Facebook is now introducing more and more regulations regarding the abuse and breaking of platform’s policies. The social media platform has added a new update which represents a page quality policies. The policies will show the users the guidelines that which type of actions are not allowed to use in this social media platform.

This update will make sure that there is no any kind of false information or hate towards any group is acceptable. If any post has been removed it means that your page has violated the rules of this social media platform. The posts which are regarding any false information will be checked by the third party fact checker.

Policy Details:

The social media platform will elaborate the details on your post. The platform will show the specific content which is false to make it clear to the user that which content is violating the rules. This will surely help the users their information. Which they are spreading because many times the information can be mislead. In terms of Facebook there have been many cases where the information has been misleading for many people around the world.

The social media platform says that they have been completely banning the pages. Which are repeatedly violating the platform’s rules and regulations. The platform added that they will be adding more information regarding the page quality update. This update will be more clarified in terms of the policies. The reason behind is that for past couple of years the social media platform was under a lot of hate due display of misinformation and spreading hate among the communities.

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 To tackle this and get rid of this behaviour among the users the platform. Now trying to bring some changes to their policies so that Facebook can revive the credibility. Time will tell that how much the platform is ready to bring on new changes and how will the users’ react to these changes. Many users are blaming the platform that their profiles and pages have been banned. Which were only having a conversation on a certain controversial topic. It will be a challenge for the social media platform that how they will distinguish between a real conversation or a page. Which is straight off spreading false information to mislead the people or simply spreading hate.

Reviving the Value:

The value of spreading information should be remained as the core value of the social media platforms. Facebook will slowly bring on new policies which can be great for the platform. If they policies are going to focus on the tiny details happening in a conversation or a post on this platform. Recently the platform removed about 500 Russian originated accounts that have spreading false information. It does help the platform to get rid off the false actors.

A study by Jerry, Social Media Analyst at tweetnfollow

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