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The importance of patient counselling when going for Singapore Hand & Wrist Orthopaedics surgery

People have different notions about surgery. Interestingly, the perceptions that people have about surgeries are often at extremes. Some are scared of

People have different notions about surgery. Interestingly, the perceptions that people have about surgeries are often at extremes. Some are scared of surgery and want to stay away from it as much as possible while there are others who are eager to get the surgery done soon by the specialists of Singapore Hand & Wrist Orthopaedics clinics. However, the surgeons are ready to respect the choice of people and work with patients to educate them for a better understanding of the procedure through counselling so that they can take a well-informed decision.  They encourage patients to ask questions that help them to understand their surgical choices better.

Beneficial for patients

Understanding the surgical procedure helps patients to know exactly what to expect from it and doctors to want to ensure that patients have realistic expectations that ensure a better outcome. It is just not enough to be brave and proceed for surgery because if the expectations are not right, patients will never be happy with the procedure that would impact the outcome. Doctors help patients to find answers to many questions that come to their minds as part of the preparation for the surgery.

Guiding patient expectation

Doctors explain to patients the surgical procedure in detail before surgery so that they understand what it involves. They want to alleviate fears of patients, even though many of which are unfounded, and guide them through the process while discussing the pros and cons of the procedure. Doctors take the pain of sharing information in a way so that patients get the correct picture of the procedure to become aware of how the procedure would work for them. This helps to set the right expectations and patients know why they should co-operate with doctors to ensure a successful surgical procedure.

Pre-surgical preparation

In the run-up to the hand surgery, doctors advise patients with wrist fracture to try to move their fingers until the time they go for surgery. Patients come to know that this is necessary because the more movements of the hand you can have before surgery, easier it will be to regain the movements after the surgical procedure. You can gather more information and seek friendly advice about hand surgery by logging on to www.drlooikokpoh.site, the personal blog of famous hand surgeon Dr. Looi Kok Poh.

Addressing concerns about recovery

Hand surgery patients are anxious to know how soon and how much mobility of the hands they can regain after surgery. The concerns arise from the fear of being unable to undertake movements of the hand after surgery to resume regular work. The doctors explain the possibilities of movement impairment, its extent, and duration so that patients can work out the time that it would take for resuming normal activities. That gives patients a fair idea about recovery time.

It is important for patients to communicate with doctors with complete transparency especially their expectations about recovery so that doctors can work towards meeting those goals. It helps to avoid any misunderstanding and patients are happy to be able to resume all activities after surgery without any restrictions.