Online Etiquette – 7 Great Gift Ideas For Your First Virtual Wedding

Photo: Emma Bauso/Pexels If you’re attending your first virtual wedding and aren’t sure what rules apply anymore, rest assured you’re not alon

Photo: Emma Bauso/Pexels

If you’re attending your first virtual wedding and aren’t sure what rules apply anymore, rest assured you’re not alone. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, many couples are ditching the big in-person wedding in favor of the safer streamed version. 

That said, just because the wedding is a virtual one doesn’t mean the couple doesn’t still deserve gifts. Although we’re all exploring uncharted waters with this “new normal,” a non-traditional wedding such as a virtual one leaves plenty of room for uncommon gift giving. Below, we explore a few great gift ideas for your first virtual wedding. 

1. Cookware

Although kitchenware is a common gift for most traditional weddings, today’s quarantine requirements mean you should buy cookware sets online and send them to the happy couple. With more choices than you can shake a stick at, the internet is full of options that make great wedding gifts, and the nice thing is, you don’t even have to worry about wrapping it as the present can be sent directly to the newlyweds’ home. 

2. Cheese of the Month

Just because the wedding is virtual and there won’t be a huge spread of food and drink doesn’t mean the couple can’t enjoy one on a smaller scale. Gifting a cheese-of-the-month subscription sends a monthly sampling of cheeses the couple can enjoy together, and they’ll be sure to think of you every time they do. 

3. Cocktail Kits

Having a signature drink is a popular trend with today’s weddings, and while there won’t be one with a virtual wedding, your favorite engaged couple will still want “their” drink to commemorate the event. 

Send a cocktail kit that’s as unique and fun as the couple themselves. From festive margaritas to whiskey sours and everything in between, the happy couple will love that you know them so well. 

4. Cooking Class

If the soon-to-be-wedded couple loves food, a virtual cooking class is a perfect gift for their virtual wedding. From the comfort of their own home, they can explore new cooking methods and try new recipes that will bring them even closer together. 

5. Online Air BnB Experiences

The newlyweds don’t need to leave home to experience all that an Air BnB has to offer. With a gift certificate from you, they can attend a tango concert in Argentina, take a cooking class with a world-famous chef in Greece, or tour Prague with a historian – all from their computer at home. 

6. Custom Couple Portrait

For a gift that’s sure to be cherished forever, a custom couple portrait is perfect. With a wide range of settings and themes to choose from (and an even wider range of prices), you’re sure to find something that depicts the happy couple in a flattering light and captures their hearts forever. 

7. Plant of the Month Club

If the couple shares a love of nature, getting them a gift that brings the outdoors into their home is definitely a must-do. A subscription to a plant of the month club is a gift that keeps on giving as it continues to grow as their love does. With each passing month, your favorite newlyweds will receive a new plant in a stylish planter they can nurture and enjoy together. 

Virtual weddings are becoming more and more popular as the coronavirus continues to alter our “normal.” If you’re attending your first virtual wedding, this list of gifts will help you present the perfect gift to match the≈ occasion.