How To Register On (NSR) National Skills Registry – Step By Step Guide

Getting that dream job is sometimes a dream and feels unreachable. This is because it is quite difficult to reach a suitable employer and grab their

Getting that dream job is sometimes a dream and feels unreachable. This is because it is quite difficult to reach a suitable employer and grab their attention. The first hurdle that almost every candidate faces these days is to present the skill in the right way and at the right place. It is, therefore, a common scenario that candidates lose jobs not because of lacking in a particular skill, but because the employer was not aware of that NSR (National Skills Registry) Registration.

To make the job-seeking a smooth journey and presenting skills before the thousands of employers, the National Skills Registry is the one-stop solution for that works both ways in the benefits of employers and employees. Through the NSR Registration it has become a systematic process to find the best job profile or to shortlist the suitable candidate.

What You Must Know About The NSR?

National Skills Registry is a subsidiary of the NSDL and is managed by the NDML. The NSR is a place where candidates can register their names and skills for the NASSCOM that deals in BPO, IT, global business, software development, service quality and training. It has more than 2k member companies in India and overseas.

The main objective of NSR Registration is to provide each company with talented and potential candidates to help the nation grow and progress. It also ensures that both IT and BPO employees get the right place to work and their potentiality helps to develop the nation.

The best part is that since the NSDL has specialisations in national data security, the candidate’s data remains safe in their database for NSR Registration. A candidate may do registration on its own or he or she can rely upon an e-governance solutions service provider.

What Are Included In The NSR?

  • The registry will provide the candidate with information regarding IT and BPO sector. Employers will get information about professional in the same fields. There is a sheet including check reports to understand the identity of each employee.
  • The sheet also has detailed information about the candidate such as the qualifications, certificates, career information, experience level, current job and necessary personal information.
  • One has to be a registered user to upload all the information as required. Registered users can also change or modify the information given.
  • Only, the participating company who is a registered user can verify the information of a certain candidate in the fact sheet. Employer of a registered company can access the information. Otherwise, all the information are absolutely confidential.

Steps To Follow For The Registration Process

To know about the NSR complete registration process here is a simple step by step guide that you can follow.

  • If you wish to register in the NSR as an individual seeking a job, you need to create your own profile first. You will find a place for the new registration. Make sure you enter all the necessary and proper details that are verifiable. Always attach your resume and all the scanned copies of your certificates and education qualification resorts. This entire registration costs a fee and your registration will be valid only if you make the payment. There will be your own ID and password. Every time you want to log in you has to use the same password. So keep the password safely saved.
  • The next step involves the biometric registration that will further validate the credibility of all the information you provided. You will find a list of ‘point of service’ centers mentioned on the website to get your biometric done. This service is also chargeable.
  • Candidates must bring their photo identity proof at the POS centers. In case they have an employee ID, it must be brought.

Things To Do After Registration

After the successful registration candidates will receive an identification number which is known as the ITPIN. It will give you access to the profile. It is only through the profile one can update the personal information when required.

Finally, it can be said that NSR is a common platform for both employers of the IT and BPO sectors and job-seekers in the same categories. It is a common link to find suitable job profiles and find the right talent. Anyone wishing to be a part of NSR needs to get their profile done accurately as instructed. Candidates may also hire the service of a consulting firm who can work on behalf of them.

The national skills registry collects information from workers and offers it to IT and BPO.

It works similarly to social media does. It reduces the gap between workers and companies.

SCOPE OF NSR Registration (National Skills Registry)

NSR is similar to ropeways, which connects two ends, company and employee. But it’s work does not end by just connecting. It also provides various information to companies to hire professionals for assignments. They can approach information about them and trust the information because background checking entities are the third-party independent companies with an expert team.

National Skills Registry Benefits for employers

  • Companies directly get verified information about workers, which is very beneficial for them.
  • Most importantly, it allows one profile for one person.
  • It will save time and cost for checking backgrounds.
  • NSR Provides a systematic, standard, and transparent platforms for companies.
  • It’s effective methods save companies from fake CV’s.
  • Self-sustaining system as it provides for present employment details confirmation by the employer company itself.
  • NSR provides for quality norms like ISO 27001 certification to improve the information handling.
  • Getting good and verified professionals will lead to customer satisfaction, which will increase the company’s share globally.
  • In fact, small shops or big industries all run because of their excellent employee and workers, for this
    NSR is the best option.
  • NSR will provide a workflow platform that can be used for data access and reports for different branches.

National Skills Registry Benefits for employees

Person will get notified when companies make a visit to their profile.

  • It’s registration is also affordable with RS 300 plus RS 100 for the initial year and then RS 100 per year.
  • Also company cannot visit any profile without permission.
  • Professionals who are willing to work will get access to good IT or BPO.
  • Having a profile on a credible platform driven by NASSCOM.
  • In this time of crisis, NSR will provide employment, and employment is directly proportional to a good standard of living.

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