Best 10+ Boston Tattoo Shops Tell You Why Tattoos Are Cool?

Tattoos need no introduction. They have a very prominent history in different cultures around the globe. They are sometimes the symbol of your strugg

Tattoos need no introduction. They have a very prominent history in different cultures around the globe. They are sometimes the symbol of your struggle, a way of expressing your life, your love or your affection for someone. Love for a cultural symbol and alike, make tattoos even more wonderful. People visit best Boston tattoo shops and too often they want to have a tattoo of their favorite superhero symbols, someone’s name or just their favorite car symbol. 

However, there are people out there who want to have a reason why they should opt for a tattoo or why one will want a tattoo. Though tattoo is a personal choice and sometimes a trend according to top tattoo shops in Boston ma several other reasons make tattoos cool.

What Makes the Tattoo Boston Cool?

 It shows you like your body, you want to decorate it. Just like a temple you want to decorate it in your way. Just get yours from top-rated Boston tattoo shops when you are ready. If you think no one will take you seriously think again. There are celebs professional singers’ artists and others who have tons of tattoos and each tattoo has its own story. So don’t worry as this will show you who cares for you. 

So tattoos will let you know the real ones of you. Are you interested in showing what’s inside you outside and passionate about it then getting tattoos from top Boston tattoo shops is a very good choice? They can tell a very powerful story as well. People get tattoos about their parents or loved one’s names favorite things to them how much you love them. They can be a symbol of independence because you did what you love that not everyone around us is capable of doing and if you get them from any of the top 5 Boston tattoo shops than they will even shine better.

Evergreen Fashion Statement and Hides Scar

What if you see a man coming out of tattoo shop Boston and he has some of the best tattoos you know. Think about you what if you are wearing short sleeves or full sleeves or just a shirt you can be centre of attention. People around you will quickly notice you. Tattoos make you look cool and you don’t need a heavy fashionable look. 

A tattoo from experts from Boston tattoo shop can make a huge change. Many people get tattoos to hide their scars. Such as stitches or acne scars and tattoo artist from best Boston tattoo shop can be very creative about this get yours at Holisticink it will worth your money.

People seem to be very fond of having tattoos on their bodies but getting your tattoo done by professionals is very important from a safety point of view. Not only this there should be a completely hygienic environment in the shop where you want to get your tattoo done. Therefore in this article, I will be mentioning the top ten Boston Tattoo Shops which you must visit. So! Let’s get started-

  • Boston Barber & Tattoo Co.- Known for their service for the last fifty years, Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. called themselves to be the first tattoo shop in Boston and is situated in downtown Boston. They offer customized tattoo art along with the facility of an espresso bar and barber service for the past fifteen years. The shop uses the tagline of “Not your father barbershop” for branding purposes. Apart from the Tattoo the shop also provides other services like haircuts, shaving, trimming beard, hot shaves, straight edge lineup, buzz cut, neck clean-up, and more with a grading of A+ in professionalism and service. 

  • Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing-  If you want to get your body tattoo or want a piercing then you need to visit this shop that provides services in the Boston area. The shop has some experienced tattoo artists with forty years of experience. Since 1995, this shop has been known for its old, classic grey and black American style tattoos. Not only this but you can visit this shop to get your custom lettering, botanical and neo-traditional tattoo done. Also, they provide earlobes as well as intricate cosmetic piercings with A+ remarks.

  • Deirdre Doyle- Serving in this field in Boston since 2001, Deirdre Doyle has ten years of experience in tattoo making. This tattoo artist has worked with many studios like- Redemption Tattoo, Chameleon Tattoo, and Pino Bros Ink. She can do floral patterns, full-color animal portraits, black-and-gray surreal designs, and customized logos and is a product of Parsons School of design. When it comes to client satisfaction it seems like Deirdre has successfully shown her artistic insight, amiability, and her true dedication to her work.
    You can contact her at 2094 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140. 

  • Dia Moeller- with A+ remarks in professionalism and service Dila Moller is a specialized Boston artist in macabre and dark subject matter with the touch of ornate and organic elements. Dia Moeller seems to be very popular among clients for her hard work, behavior, artistic skills, cover-up work, and customized and high-quality tattoos. When reviewed by the clients, we came to know that she has mastered distracting her clients from the entire process.
    You can walk to MA 02144, Somerville to get your tattoo done.

  • Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo- Another one on the list is the very first licensed tattoo shop which has been serving its clients since the year 2000. Located in Massachusetts this shop has some specialized, trained artists in CPR and is known for Japanese, Fine line, American Traditional, Portraiture, and Realism style tattoos. Not only this, but you can have your tattoo the way you want. The equipment they use is completely sterilized in a steam autoclave and uses single-use needles to ensure hygiene and a safe tattoo environment. They also provide you with first aid facilities in the case of an emergency. Address- 374 Centre Street, Boston, MA 02130.

  • Good Faith Tattoo- established in the year 2007, this shop is one of the most recommended tattoos and piercing shops in the Boston metro area. It offers many options for its clients to choose from. The tattoo artists in the shop are very well experienced and design styles on their own. Chris Barnett and Nicholas Mcevoy are the permanent artists of the shop who are known to provide good colorful tattoos with detailing at their peak. Skulls, flowers, realism, and kinetics are some of the most offered designs by them. Not only this, but you can also buy pins, flash sheets, and designed T-Shirts from the shop. 
    Address- 1018 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

  • Hourglass Tattoo- This studio provides services in and around Boston. This Cambridge-based studio has artists who are licensed by the Cambridge Board of Health Department. For the sake of its clients and hygienic tattoo environment, this studio makes sure that its tattoo artists are certified by CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogen as well. Going through the portfolio you will get some amazingly beautiful designs and also versatility in their work. The environment here is extremely safe for tattoo making.
    You can visit 1680 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02138 to get your tattoo done. 

  • Pino Bros Ink- Another tattoo shop Pino Bros Ink is located at 1132 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. This studio is known for offering single-sitting tattoos. These tattoos may seem different from each other in terms of color, size, difficulty, and many more. This studio also offers customized tattoo designs which means that you can bring your designs to the studio and get your tattoos done. Make sure to bring a clear reference design so that it will be easier to understand. You can book your appointment from noon to 8 PM on weekends or weekdays. 

  • Redemption Tattoo Inc. Serving in and around the Boston area, this studio is known to offer tattoo and piercing services to its current customers. The owner Mike Shea and Erick Lynch established this studio in the year 2002 and have seven tattoo artists who are well-trained and experienced. Featured in Chronicle which is a local newsmagazine television program this shop is a must-visit shop. Famous for offering good tattoo designs, this shop also provides gift certificates for their loved ones. So! What are you waiting for! Book your appointment now. 
    Address- 2090 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140.

  • Regeneration Tattoo- located in Allston this shop was founded in the year 2004 and is known for employing independent artists. Offering customized tattoo designs you can book your appointment by going to the shop only. Voted as the best tattoo shop in Boston in the year 2014, this shop has been nominated for the Phoenix Award by Boston Phoenix. The staff in this shop are very friendly, patient, well trained and charge a very reasonable price. Witness the best tattoo environment and perfection at its peak by visiting Regeneration Tattoo at 155 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA 02134. 

    Final WordsThe above-mentioned tattoo shops are extremely good and are best when it comes to offering a safe and hygienic tattoo environment. When in Boston do visit these shops and get your tattoo done. So! What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now.

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