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NCR Makes Its Way For 30% Affordable Housing Segments Across The Country

As far as we talk about the region share, new launches in the affordable segment have increased from 21% in the year 2012 straight to 71% in 2017 which is quite a magnificent thing. All over India, NCR is that one region which has some great amount of affordable houses which can cater the needs of almost every consumer. Over the past few years, Delhi NCR has recorded around 26 to 30 percent affordable housing segments supply. Such supply is done across India’s top cities which are serving as a boon to people all across India.

A Deep take on the current Scenario

Deeply looking at this report, you may witness some amazing things happening every now and then. The region share of every other new launch in the affordable segment category which was just 21% in the year 2012 has risen to 71% in 2017. Such an achievement is beyond words and these things are bound to bring a sense of smile on the buyers face.

Locations which qualify under the affordable segment housing criteria are as follows:

  • Sohna (Gurgaon)
  • Rajnagar Extension
  • Yamuna Expressway
  • Greater Noida West
  • Bhiwadi

The above five locations account for a percentage of more than 48% which is nearly half of the total housing supply. Also, people are investing in such regions with the intention of pricing going whooping high in the nearby future.

As a person who lives in the Delhi NCR region and wants to buy the best affordable house, you may opt for a divergent affordable housing scheme which can save some hefty money of yours. And in return, can give you the dream house you have wanted in your entire life. On the contrary, if you are just an investor, wait for your time and invest in your chosen NCR property to reap benefits sooner or later.

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