The Future Of Mobile App Marketing Deciphered

Smartphones and handheld devices have reached a point in popularity where they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Ever since the mobi

Smartphones and handheld devices have reached a point in popularity where they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Ever since the mobile industry flourished, an endless number of apps hit the app store. Marketers are coming to terms with the fact that the need to have a workable mobile app marketing plan is crucial for the app’s success.

The era of app marketing has grown substantially in the past few years. In the year 2016, the app industry was driven by app marketing to a whopping $88.3 billion. According to Statista, the mobile app industry will hit $188.9 billion in revenue by the year 2020. Although the industry is growing, some companies still regard apps as just another development channel as opposed to a transformational revolution.

Evidently, customer’s needs are changing, and they expect apps to be nothing short of perfection. This is the main reason why having a mobile app marketing strategy is imperative to align apps to consumer needs.

Evolving Mobile Industry

The mobile industry has undergone drastic transformations as witnessed and is very dynamic. It will continue evolving to be able to adapt to the changing market needs. The best way to strategically and logically prepare yourself for the app marketing haul is by knowing what the future holds and prepare the right course of action to cope up successfully.

Future Trends In App Marketing

The main trends that will take the app marketing by storm in the future are:

  • The Dominance Of Native Apps

The objective of every marketing effort has always been to reach out to a maximum number of people through cost-friendly strategies. Native apps will be seen leading the way in the future. All the digital users prefer content access on native apps, allowing marketers to provide more personalized features.

  • Revolutionary monetization models

Monetization lies at the heart of mobile apps. Without a workable monetization plan, your app is a waste of money and time. The future will see marketers developing creative models that are developed keeping the user preferences in mind while ensuring greater app revenue.

  • Influencing marketing

Celebrity endorsement, although expensive, was the preferred marketing strategy a few years back. However, lately, we are witnessing an influx of influencing marketing. A great many app marketers get their apps reviewed from popular YouTubers or influencers to make a mark with their app marketing strategy.

  • Social Media

Marketers will be seen endlessly harnessing the power of social media by posting relevant and catchy content on the web. While the concept of social media has prevailed for years, it will witness even more boost in the future.


With new technology and trends, the future of app marketing is looking brighter than ever before. Leveraging the right technology and creating the right strategies, app marketers will take their app marketing campaigns to unprecedented heights. Although with things becoming a bit complex, the marketing techniques might require more efforts, the end results will be worth it.