Maximizing Profit: Top 5 CRM Programs For Small Business Owners

There are different growth strategies you can try. But a lot of them such as asking for referrals, tapping new markets focus on acquiring new customer

There are different growth strategies you can try. But a lot of them such as asking for referrals, tapping new markets focus on acquiring new customers and retaining loyal ones.

Now, managing customers is easier if you have a customer relationship management or CRM software in place. But which one is the best for small businesses? 

Check out our top 5 picks for the best CRM for small business.

1. HubSpot CRM

The best CRM can be a free one. HubSpot CRM is a great example of this. It works for B2C and B2B companies who are looking for an easy way to manage contacts, track emails, schedule appointments, capture leads, etc. 

Take note that HubSpot CRM also has a premium version, which comes with more advanced features such as workflow management. But the free version is good enough for budget-conscious SMBs.

2. Salesforce

If your business is an online store, you most likely have come across Salesforce e-commerce solutions. But Salesforce is more popular for its CRM capabilities because that is its core product.

In fact, you could say no CRM software list would be complete without Salesforce. They pioneered the whole software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. That means Salesforce is the first ever CRM software delivered over the internet.

The most basic plan – Salesforce Lightning Essentials features contact management, lead management, and so on. There are options for customization, as well as features for forecasting sales, defining workflow, etc. 

3. Freshsales

For B2B companies who want the best free CRM program, Freshsales is an excellent option. The free version comes with a contact management capability that can integrate with a contact syncing app like PieSync. 

It can also manage tasks, schedule appointments, score and capture leads, and track sales pipeline. 

4. Zoho 

If you get most of your leads from social media sites, Zoho is the CRM for you. Aside from its basic CRM features (i.e. contact and lead management), it can track interactions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

One thing to note though if you’re considering the Free plan – it can only support up to 3 users. If you have a small team, this is good enough. But if you want more robust features, consider Zoho’s Standard and Premium plans. 

5. Pipedrive 

Unlike other CRM programs on this list, Pipedrive doesn’t offer a free version of its software. But its paid plans are worth it, especially if your main goal is to simplify your business’ sales process. 

You see, Pipeline’s best feature is how it gives users the ability to pinpoint specific activities in their sales pipeline. For e-commerce companies or those who have a catalog of products or services, this is an important feature. They can manage their contacts better through their sales funnel.

CRM for Small Business: A Must for a Growing Company

If you’re worried about the costs of a CRM system, consider it a solid investment for your company. Remember, you can’t grow your business without getting to know your current and potential customers.

Bottom line: Help your sales and marketing teams build better relationships with customers with the right CRM program.

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