How Salesforce E-Commerce Solutions Can Help Your Business

Salesforce e-commerce solutions allow you to sell faster and smarter using this high-end platform. Salesforce allow you to create new ways for your cu

Salesforce e-commerce solutions allow you to sell faster and smarter using this high-end platform.

Salesforce allow you to create new ways for your customers to discover, research and purchase your products and services, all together in a mobile, efficient and social environment. Being able to transform your entire community into a more inclusive platform to do business will help you not only be more productive but also streamline your business and marketingefforts.

With its origin, at its most basic form, an e-commerce software helped a business to sell their products and service online. Earlier, using an e-commerce software meant having to purchase an on premise, separate e-commerce software, which would need a rather extensive IT setup followed by an in-house management with professional development teams. On the other hand, these e-commerce solutions would mostly likely be costly, not scalable, and difficult to work with and time consuming to personalize and integrate with other programs.

Fortunately, with time a new variety of business software, which are user-friendly and integrate all the needed business and commerce functionalities into one single ecommerce platform, with a software as a service model. The infrastructure of these latest software unifies different business aspects, applications and data that feeds them. This new software structure enabled companies and businesses, for the very first time, to create relevant, captivating and personalized online experience for their customers.

One of the best example of these advance software is Salesforce e-commerce solutions, as they allow customer service representatives to have the complete view of an individual customer throughout all channels, which could only be imagined with earlier version of e-commerce software. These new e-commerce platforms also make operational tasks automatic, streamline and way more efficient, with a centralized order and inventory management system, which is very much capable of productively fulfilling orders coming in from different business sales channels.

The special tools, features and services e-commerce platforms offer help brands grow even faster. One of the best aspect of e-commerce platforms like Salesforce is that they provide clients scalability, all-in-one solutions. It is smart for a business to choose their e-commerce platform after considering their future plans. These e-commerce platform allow you to change scalability of services you buy as you grow and have to entertain larger market spaceand increasing customer expectations.

The feature of scalability make Salesforce e-commerce solutions a perfect fit for most of the businesses and companies. Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a large multination company, you can customize the services you need to start with and continue to make changes as you grow or the needs of your business change.

Transform the digital experience with Salesforce e-commerce solutions:

There are many ways and aspects of Salesforce e-commerce solutions that make it smoothly fit your business operational, support and other needs. Here are two major aspects of Salesforce e-commerce solutions, which helps you grow and meet your goals and objectives.

Digital commerce Proficiencies

One of the best aspect of e-commerce from customers’ point of view is providing them with a unique shopping experience, ultimate convenience and maximum conversions across all possible digital channels, including mobile, social, web and more. Robust and out-of-the-box tools in Salesforce e-commerce platform enable brands to build strong, personalized journeys and construct compelling selling and promotions content that intuitively convert at every touch point with prospects.

Selling and marketing

Salesforce e-commerce solutions help users easily manage and share their product information, prepare and launch campaigns, come up with seasonal promotions and run A/B test, all this without needing any technical support. By connecting customers with their desired offer and product, at the right time, Salesforce help its users maximize their conversions and increase their order value.

On the top of that commerce capabilities of Salesforce go on to enable users easily deliver personalized emails, promotional offers and customized product recommendations throughout the customer journey.

Here is how Salesforce e-commerce solutions will help your business easily manage all aspects of online commerce.

Managing and operating an e-commerce business is more difficult than one might think, there are many aspects to manage simultaneously such as inventory control, distribution, selling, marketing, customer services and more. Due to the computerized nature of the business, it is significant that the e-commerce platform you use is technical strong and at the same time has a user-friendly interface so that you can target your most attention, time and efforts into core functions of your business like the products or services themselves.

Hence, Salesforce e-commerce solutionsmake sure to cover as many aspects with their e-commerce platform as possible. They really have taken an all-round approach with their platform. Here is how Salesforce e-commerce platform can help your business:

  • Al-powered commerce

Users can build highly personalized customer journeys for their leads using powerful artificial intelligence abilitiesinserted across the commerce cloud. Gain improved results and increase in revenue generation with product recommendations, customized search results and intelligent data-driven insights through all mediums, all of this just a few clicks away.

  • Digital experience management

Your customer journey is very important, in various situations it can help you be your customers’ preference. Salesforce enable you to build a highly innovative and relevant customer experience across social channels, sites, brands, geographies, and devices by assisting with built-in content management and responsive design. Moreover, you can use A/B testing, native targeting, and SEO friendly offers for particular customers according to their traffic channel, online behavior and location.

  • Multisite management and localization

Salesforce e-commerce platform, launching your new brands or geographic sites has become easy and fast like never before. Users can easily manage all of their sites from a single platform using a multisite structure that hold same code, processes and master catalog as well.

  • Digital commerce extension

Power digital commerce extensions work anywhere your customers shop, whether it is from mobile devices or from any social channel such as Facebook, or even if it is from an actual physical store.You can put in your own customizations using Salesforce’s open APIs to provide a more personalized shopping experience to your customers.

  • Endless aisle

Salesforce enables you to improve your online store buying experience and increase your sales by giving fellows in the online store a mobile responsive application that provides an endless aisle of inventory.To further add to a delightful experience, offer your customers shipping of any product they want, no matter its located in the store, at the warehouses or even at any other location.

  • Order management

Meeting your customers’ ever-increasing demands and expectations can be a hard stone to break. With Salesforce you can now provide the shopping experience that your customers are expecting from you, with some powerful order management abilities. Streamline your orders and optimize your inventory with a shared view of entire orders, inventory, customers, products and promotions throughout all physical and digital mediums.

  • Development environment

To be able to maintainthe results of your efforts, it is essential that you innovate and provide differentiated experiences that continue to delight your customers and leads. Salesforce platform support industry-standard JavaScript based tools set in a developing environment, which allow users complete control and customization of the storefront to suit your needs.

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