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Make the most of your Bathroom Renovation

A practical, modern bathroom and one that is high on aesthetics increase the value of your property. A little luxury will get your day off to a bright

A practical, modern bathroom and one that is high on aesthetics increase the value of your property. A little luxury will get your day off to a bright start. Considering all these factors, and when you start renovating your bathroom you should think of replacing the sink first, Installing a 24 inch stainless steel sink are a rather popular option when it comes to rust-free stainless steel material. From the stylish elegance of traditional undermounts to the modern design of dramatic 90-degree corners, capture the theme of your kitchen.

Renovation of the humble bathroom should be as significant as any other home renovation project.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make a success of your endeavour.

Allocating a budget

The trick is to try for high-end results even if you have a restricted budget. Having less funds does not mean that you have to make do with cheap materials and fittings. Choose a few areas where you can splurge – a narrow shelf or a vanity top that can be surfaced with expensive stone to strike a balance between ordinary tiles and an aura of luxury. You can even put marble tiles on one wall that is the focus of the bathroom decor and cover the remaining walls with comparatively cheaper ceramic tiles.

The other fittings and fixtures too may be planned out accordingly. But do keep a semblance of harmony. All taps, from the vanity to the bathroom shower set should be of the same quality, preferably excellent ones. These are the fittings you will touch frequently and should, therefore, give you a feeling that all the expenses have been worth it.

Design features

Have design features that will create an instant impact. The quickest way to refresh an old bathroom is to replace the vanity joinery. Fit a decorative vanity design along with a framed mirror. If you install it on the wall leaving the area from the floor empty, you will get an enhanced sense of space even in a small bathroom. Take advantage of wall cavities and build storage in them. The cabinets can be hidden behind mirrors in front.

There is ample scope to be at your creative best if you have a large bathroom. Include furniture, wallpapers, extra cabinetry, top of the line modern fittings and even artworks for that luxury effect. The wallpaper, of course, should be vinyl protected to ward off moisture.

For fittings, you can browse through the latest trends at Middletons Bathrooms. You will get everything that you can need to give your bathroom a great makeover.


Lay out mosaic tiles as these are easy to walk on. Large tiles have greater surface edges and grouting space. But since mosaic tiles are laid out on a mesh, the edging is less pronounced and therefore suitable for the feet. A sure way to have an instant visual impact is to contrast tile formats and scales. For instance, large format tiles on the floor and mosaic on the walls can be aesthetically very appealing. Tiles are available in glass, natural stone, porcelain, and clay and ceramic. Research the looks and suitability of each material before arriving at a final decision.


Do not ignore the effect of lighting in bathroom renovation and give it importance when you finalise the design. You can opt for the warmth of natural illumination or soft LED lights. A feature pendant will enhance the looks manifold. All light features should be moisture proof and should be durable. If you are living in a cold area, have extra fittings for heat lamps. However, keep energy usage in mind too. It will not be paying to increase energy bills after bathroom renovations.

There are many other design and renovation options that you can try out. Your builder or designer is the right person to advise you in this regard.