Does Log Book Service Make Any Difference? Why Is It Important!

If you have a car, you might have come across logbook servicing. Many of the car owners overlook the benefits of Log Book services. A Log Book servic

If you have a car, you might have come across logbook servicing. Many of the car owners overlook the benefits of Log Book services. A Log Book servicing offers a number of benefits to a brand new car or a car under warranty. Car owners skip Log Book services like regular car maintenance due to budget and time constraints. There is a common misconception among the car users that their brand new car hardly needs servicing to run smoothly; however, this is the critical period of the car’s life. Proper care is necessary through Log Book services. Every premium brand requires Log Book services to drive confidently on the road. If you are looking for a Log Book VW service in Sydney, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the best service than Foxman Auto Services.

Here are the 3 major reasons why Log Book service is necessary to keep the car in up-to-date stage and save money:

Prolong your car’s life

Log Book servicing includes a host of services. It includes a host of procedures and necessary inspection. Regular maintenance of the car’s moving part such as tyres, transmission, and so on requires adjustment to run smoothly. Log Book services will help a car perform the best and peak its performance, without breaking your bank. As you will be maintaining a car regularly, you will not have to pay a huge amount at once. Also, regular maintenance will, therefore, increase the lifespan of any car. The casual wear & tear will have routine repairs. Overlooking the importance of Log Book service will be seen later after 2-3 years with signs of degrading performance, lower fuel efficiency, and frequent needs of repair.

Better resale value

If you have a plan to sell your plan in the future, Log Book services are vital. It will have all the service history that your car had undergone. This way, the buyer will be assured that the car is up to the mark and is well-maintained. Therefore, getting a drastic rise in the resale value as compared to the car who has missed period Log Book services.

Follow current vehicle requirement

For a car to run confidently on the road, it must be serviced to today’s manufacturer’s guidelines. Log Book services will be stamped, signalling that a car is ready to run on the road successfully.

Where to get a car Log Book servicing in Sydney?

You can either choose an authorized dealer or a certified garage like Foxman Auto Services. Most new car owners are living with a myth that they must get to an authorized dealer for Log Book services to maintain the warranty for their brand new car. But, the fact is there is no legal way to take your car to authorized. You are free to take your car to service stations like Foxman Auto Services, fulfilling essential requirements.

Here is the essential that the garage must take it seriously:

-Vehicle must be serviced according to the current manufacturer’s guidelines.

-The garage must have qualified technicians who know how to perform and maintain Log Book car services.

-Technicians and garage must use/replace appropriate and genuine parts only.

Foxman Auto Services is a leading and trustworthy independent car service centre in Sydney.  Whether you are looking for VW repairs in Sydney or any other brands or want full-range comprehensive Log Book Service, they specialize in every car service. They have special technicians to perform Log Book services for different brands and different technicians for service and maintenance. This reflects their dedication and quality of service. What are you waiting for? Book your car’s Log Book service today at Foxman Auto Services.

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