Legal Age For Hookah In Arizona

Legal Age For Hookah: Hookah is an alternative method of smoking & consuming tobacco. It consists of a disposable mouthpiece and the hookah equi

Legal Age For Hookah: Hookah is an alternative method of smoking & consuming tobacco. It consists of a disposable mouthpiece and the hookah equipment. The disposable mouthpiece is for hygiene reasons. This is believed to have originated from India in its initial form. It has also gained popularity in Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. It has now gained popularity worldwide in Europe, America, and other countries in Asia. 

There is an equal number of legal restrictions for Hookah as there are for other tobacco products like a cigarette. It is illegal to smoke or use hookah in public places in most of the USA, but there are places where it is illegal to smoke but no restrictions on a hookah.

There are also many restrictions on retail shops like a smoke shop in Peoria, Arizona. However, each state has a different set of restrictions. This article goes on to describe the legal restrictions for hookah, especially that in Arizona. 

Legal issues for consuming tobacco 

Strict laws govern the use of Hookah and other smoking products all around the world. It is also necessary for a retailer selling tobacco products to have the appropriate license. Here are the age restrictions of consuming such products in several countries around the world:

  • Algeria – 19 years.
  • Egypt – 18 years.
  • Hong Kong – 18 years.
  • Singapore – 19 years.
  • France – 18 years
  • Germany – 18 years
  • United Kingdom – 18 years

The age limit restrictions are also present in the USA however; each state has different rules as explained here: 

  • Arizona – 18 – 21 years
  • California – 21 years
  • Michigan – 18 – 21 years
  • New Jersey – 21 years
  • Texas – 21 years

The United States also imposes a strict fine on minors for possessing or purchasing tobacco products. Listed here are the fines imposed by a few states:

  • Alabama – $10 – $50 
  • Arizona – up to $300
  • California – $75 and 30 hours of community service
  • New Mexico – $100 fine or 48 hours community service
  • Texas – up to $250 fine and 8 – 12 hours of community service, with a chance of driver license suspension.

Smoking in Arizona

There are several products pertaining to tobacco that one can buy in Arizona. This includes cigarettes, hookahs, shisha, water pipe, cigars, spice, rolling tobacco, etc. It is important to note that tobacco product retailers require appropriate licensing to sell tobacco products. This includes a smoke shop in Peoria, AZ as well. Besides which they are also required to follow all the current rules and regulations that as per the state law. For example, they cannot sell tobacco products to minors and those below the legal age limit. All tobacco retailers in Arizona State are required to acquire a license to sell such products. However, there is no tobacco licensing registry in Arizona.

It was legal for anyone above the age of 18 to buy tobacco products in Arizona. However, this has changed in recent times. Cottonwood City is approximately 100 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona. Here the Cottonwood City Council has raised the legal limit for possession and buying of cigarettes and other nicotine products to 21. Thus retailers here are also required to follow this rule. There is a similar rule in Hawaii and California as well; which applies to electronic cigarettes too. 

In Arizona, it is prohibited to use tobacco products in public places as well as places of employment. This includes airports, banks, bars, common areas in an apartment building, educational facilities as well as entertainment venues amongst others. However, a private residence is not considered a public place. There are strict fines for those who break the laws; hence it is a good idea to use tobacco products wisely and in places which are exempt from restrictions.

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