8 Hidden Roku Channels

Hidden Roku Channels is a popular streaming device which helps you to stream all sorts of content on your television. Roku comes with a wide range o

Hidden Roku Channels is a popular streaming device which helps you to stream all sorts of content on your television. Roku comes with a wide range of specifications and models but it tends to operate in a similar way – such as you can include channels & stream your desired content. With the help of this device, you can easily connect with any of the supporting devices and watch live content on the internet. It offers about 500 channels including private and hidden channels. In this page, we will provide lists of Roku hidden channels. Keep reading this page to know the hidden channels on the Hidden Roku Roku device.

1. Wilderness Channel

This channel is known for telecasting wilderness program. It is mainly dedicated to 3 different types of viewers like outdoor survivalists, hunter and nature enthusiasts. It includes both Live Broadcast and VOD program so it is a wonderful option for the people to view their favorite animal shows. Furthermore, it offers you great content on fishing, nature, hunting, survival training and many more.

2. Nowhere TV

This is another best private channel having plenty of streaming like Universal Sports Network, C-SPAN, NASA TV, NBC Nightly News, Al Jazeera, and many others. This channel tends to bring a wide range of video podcasts and audio which are both entertaining and informative. This channel is not only impressive but also must-have channels for the Roku user to stay top on recent videos.

3. Neon Party Games

As its name, the games on this channel are cool and enjoyable. It provides six different kinds of games like tag, cell, sumo, puck, squared and geometry. This channel facilitates to join as many players as can but needs at least 2 players. This channel will be surely enjoyed by all people because of the colorful games.

4. MaddyMation

The Network of MaddyGTV has a good collection of various channels including different genres. It is suitable for people of all age groups. There is no advertisement so you can allow your kids to watch this channel with fullest confident. Being a dedicated cartoon channel, it offers several animes and independent cartoons from best-curate production.

5. M3uBlack

This Roku media player will play JSON, XML, RSS, m3u and other formats. Moreover, it can also able to play iTunes Playlists. And, help you to obtain information regarding the songs by easily extracting description, title &URL of the playlist. This blank player supports various audio formats like .mkv, .ts, .HLS, .mp3, .mp4 and many others.

6. Viki Global TV

Though it is considered as a non-certified channel, it is got from the official portal. This channel caters to the need of plenty of users by offering Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean shows and movies. While providing plenty of standard content to access, you are sure to enjoy watching all kinds of shows.

7. Clikia

Clikia provides a combination of ad-free radio stations, on-demand videos, and a mixture of live channels. You can able to easily access your desired content easily. You need to provide a secret code for accessing this channel. This is a good option for the entertainers to have a nice pass time. If you want to get subscription package then you can easily access channels like ESPN, FOX News, Sony, Cartoon Network, TNT and many others.

8. Silent Movie Channel

For all people who wish to view silent movies must definitely install it. It provides movies from popular stars like Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin etc., and covers most other genres in movies including adventure, animation, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy; etc producers are daily updating unique content on this channel. In addition to that, you can able to bring back the glorifying days of ancient people.

Final words:

If you are found to be Roku user then you will be tired of having a limited number of channels available in the Roku shop. The above-given channels will do wonder for you. Many channels provide wonderful streams but hidden or private from the public because of the adult content restriction. Installation of these channels seems to be quite difficult as it requires specific code to access the channel on your device. These are the best Roku hidden channel collection. You can install these channels with an appropriate secret code to view great content from today onwards.

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