2 reasons why a large format 3d lenticular poster is better than 2d

A wall filled with posters of various kinds - that was the ultimate teenage moment. Alas, those posters did not stay perfect for a long time. Paper po

A wall filled with posters of various kinds – that was the ultimate teenage moment. Alas, those posters did not stay perfect for a long time. Paper posters have been common since a long time. However, a 2 dimensional paper poster cannot compete with the evergreen large format 3d lenticular poster.

Lenticular prints

3 d posters are not a new thing. These items have been around for a very long time. Yes, sure they have not been that popular, but the quality of these posters are to be blamed.

3 dimensional items are very intriguing. This technology feeds and caters to everyone’s visual delight. Now, with the introduction of lenticular technology, your visual appetite will be increasing to multiform.

Lenticular prints are unique and its technology is reviving. Just like multi dimensional structuring, lenticular printing also enhances the quality of a picture.

You must be asking yourself as to why lenticular prints? Is it only the print quality? Of course not. Lenticular prints are a visual treat. Now this technology uses a lens channeling system. Thus, there is a high definition to the quality of pictures. Illusion is high and the depth that we perceive is high. In fact, the pictures and designs seem to move when ever you look at the image, you will be able to identify various changes in the movement. Different angling is suggestive and hence causes the flip animation effect.

Better than 2d or normal 3d

2d has no perception of depth. The poster or portrait which you are going to hang will not look alive at all. Whereas the 3d posters give a more defined look with its depth emphasis. Though 3d has a beautiful look to pictures, it still fails to contribute a surreal real approach. This brings us to 3d lenticular posters.

  • The number one difference that will hit anyone’s eyes as soon as they look at the poster is that a lenticular 3 d poster has the look of real live enactment. It gives much more depth to the dimensional whereabouts. This means that a 3d poster which has been crafted with lenticular lens process, has a wide and more comforting view to it.
  • This view of a lenticular lens gives far better comfort to the eyes. Vibrant but soothing colors grow quite a lot of impact against whichever wall this portrait or poster is against.

A large format 3d lenticular poster draws much more attention to decor in general. Clear and precise, this quality poster is going to put great emphasis on its ‘real-ness’. and as these posters are large in dimension, at one look it will seem as it the viewer is looking directly through a window.

Neither of these features are remotely close to the effect that 2d and 3d posters can deliver. Be it a picture of nature’s most fearful beasts or the sublime look of a snow capped mountain, or even an inspiration quotation, every word is going to enhance its beauty!