Know the symptoms of dandruff and treat it well

Dandruff is something which is an occurring microbe and it keeps happening on scalps. This microbe can break down scalp oils into substances and it keep on irritating the scalps. That is why; many people suffer from dandruff issues these days.

Some may think that flakes are the only beginning stages of dandruff but that is not the case. Apart from flakes there are some other symptoms as well. There is a lot of itchiness which is a primary symptom and it preceded flakiness. This itch sensation mainly happens because the receptors on the surface of the skin are triggered and it is mainly caused by some irritants. Also the nerves send signals to the brain via the spinal cord which triggers people to scratch that surface.

So, itchy scalp always means that there can be a possibility of dandruff formation on the scalp.  There is another prominent warning sign that one must be aware of; that is the signs of skin damage. Sometimes even before the flakiness appears the skin starts to break down which can be a clear sign that one is suffering from dandruff issues. Apart from these, one can also suffer from thins like dryness of the scalp, tightness and redness of the scalp as well. When one suffers from the early sign of dandruff even before the flake appears then they should immediately start some treatments for it. The first thing that they can reach out to is a good anti dandruff shampoo and uses it on a regular interval to get rid of the problem.

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There are some good anti dandruff shampoos that not only cleans the scalp well but also fights against the irritation, dryness, itchiness and the redness of the scalp. They also leave the scalp nourished and moisturised so that the hair becomes beautiful and soft. Also, if one suffers from too much of dry scalp issues then a regular massage of coconut and almond oil can be of great help to keep the scalp nourished and hydrated.

One can also take help from some home remedies in order to get rid of dandruff problems. It is said that tea tree oil has a lot of anti bacterial properties and so if one mixed 5 percent of tea tree oil with their regular shampoo and use it then it can be a good way to remove dandruff issues. One can also use apple cider vinegar mixed in water and massage the scalp with it to remove flakes from it.

If one suffers from excessive dandruff issues then they can take help from an experienced dermatologist who can find out the root cause of this issue. They can also prescribe shampoo ketomac; which is a medicated one and one can buy them from any drug store. One needs to mix a portion of this medicated shampoo with their regular shampoo and use them at least thrice a week (or as prescribed by the doctor) so that they can get rid of the flakes.

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