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Know More About The Various Types Of Endoscopy

There are certain health issues where doctors have to examine the internal organs of the patient. In all such cases, endoscopy devices are used. These

There are certain health issues where doctors have to examine the internal organs of the patient. In all such cases, endoscopy devices are used. These devices are a tube that has cameras attached to them at the end and are also flexible. These tubes are inserted through a small opening including the mouth. Since there is a camera fitted at the end of the tube, so the doctors are able to get a clear picture of the internal organ on the monitor itself. These devices are mainly used to do a biopsy that will help the doctors find out whether the cells of an organ are damaged, infected or cancerous.

These are some very important facts about endoscopy

  • Endoscopies are quite safe and are also very quick procedures. The reasons for endoscopy are an investigation of a particular disease, confirmation of that disease and then finally the treatment for the particular health condition. Endoscopy can also be used to remove polyps and tumors from internal organs including the digestive system.

Endoscopy is also used in surgeries

There has been a lot of advancement in the endoscopic procedures in recent years. There is also some sort of surgeries that are conducted these days with the help of these endoscopic devices. The modern, more modified endoscopies make the surgeries much less persistent. Certain procedures like the tying and sealing of fallopian tubes, the removal of gallbladder stones and also the removal of small tumors from both lungs and the digestive system are undertaken by endoscopy. The commonly used term laparoscopy is nothing but a modified form of endoscopy that is used to do keyhole surgery. An endoscopy device can be purchased from the reputed manufacturers.

Various types of endoscopy

There are various types of endoscopy and you can go through the points mentioned below to understand it better:


This is the endoscopic process that is used for examining growth in the lungs. In this case, the tube is inserted into the body through the nose or the mouth


This is the procedure that is used when the joints of an individual get affected. In this case, a small cut is made near the joint and the tube is inserted through that joint.

Cystoscopy :

This is the process that is used to find out if there are any damages caused in the gall bladder. Here the scope is inserted through the urethra.


This is the procedure that is used to examine the tailbone or the colon and the tube, in this case, is inserted through the anal cavity.

Capsule Endoscopy:

Another popular form of endoscopy is referred to as capsule endoscopy. In this type of endoscopy, there is a wireless camera used and this camera is very small and can be fitted into the capsule. They are similar to vitamin tablets and therefore you can swallow them. These are mostly used to take the image of the small intestine because it is difficult to take its image using normal endoscopy.

Apart from the procedures mentioned above. There are also many other types of endoscopy and all of these are used to examine the various internal organs of the body. When buying these devices, it is important to ensure that these devices are purchased from the reputed endoscopy device company.